what we've learned

6 months. Yes that's how many months ago Brian and I met. It seems like the first weekend we met was only a few days ago, but then again, it feel like I've known him all my life.Here are just a few of the many things we have learned about each other, I even got him in on this post to add what he has discovered.

A few things I have learned from the past 6 months:
: I certainly didn't know how much my life could change, for the better, so fast
: he is an amazing cook
: I never thought I'd meet someone who is so similar to me
: we agree on almost everything, except maybe how we like our coffee {I don't have the stomach or the taste buds for black coffee}
: he can cheer me up with a simple text or a lil kiss on the cheek
: he will make an amazing dad some day {picture below is his adorable niece + Godchild, almost 8 weeks old}
: friends and family are so so important
: I can't imagine my life without him

A few things he has learned from the past 6 months {he came up with these on his own}:
: the Lord has blessed us so much already
: he has learned how to trust in me completely because I am "perfect" {that is his choice or words, not mine}
: his future is bright because of us
: everything happens for a reason {how we met}
: the Lord takes care of us and always will
: it's not always true that opposites attract, in our case the opposite is true

A few the things we have learned from the past 6 months:
: we both truly love each others families like they are our own
: the song "God Gave Me You" fits so perfectly for us
: he can put up with all of my crazy ways, and I can gladly handle with his wacky ways too =)
: we have the same views on the big issues in life
: we are both love to travel, whether it's a day trip or a trip across country {like our trip to Cali in February}
: the Lord is the center of our relationship
: most of the time we don't even need words to understand what the other is thinking
: we truly understand each other
: we never thought it was possible to love someone this much


what I am lovin in november

Whether it's watching the 49ers {on the very rare occasion that I actually get to} or the Packers with Brin, we watch it whenever we get the chance. It's even become a routine for B and I, Sundays consist of: church, a quick stop at the grocery store, making a big meal, and relaxing with football. What will we do when the season is over?
Picture source: here

OPI nail polish in Babble Bath
Neutrals have been my theme lately {due to work and the changing of the seasons} and this is the sweetest baby pink that looks so effortless and put together. It's my fall back whenever I'm not sure to do next.
Picture source: here

I have heard so much hype about the store Lush and in these past few months I have tried out a few of the products. If you don't know Lush is sort of a more sophisticated, more organic and natural Bath & Body Works type of store and it's amazing. One of my favorites is the Buffy Body Bar {I got the 3 oz bar as a gift and totally love it}
Picture source: here

I have been totally obsessed with these this month. I love to have foods that I can snack on at work and these are perfect, plus they don't get your hands all cheesy dirty.
Picture source: here

New Girl
Once I heard that Zooey Deschanel was going to be in a new tv show I was instantly hooked, she is one of my favorite actresses. I just love how natural she is and isn't afraid to be herself, how can you not love her. Also she has an amazing very different voice.
Picture source: here

Matrix Biolage
I recently got my hair highlighted and cut a few inches off. With the winter drying months upon us I wanted a shampoo/conditioner that would not only be very moisturizing and good for my hair but also purchase one that smells amazing. This is my all time favorite line of hair products, just take one smell and you will see what I mean. In regular stores it is very expensive, but can be found at salons and in gift sets for a discounted price, which is how I got mine.
Picture source: here

Whether it's pies for Thanksgiving or dishes for Sunday afternoons, I have been all about baking this month. For my winter is the time for soups, casseroles, chillis, and just warming up your body with tasty foods.
Picture source: my own photo

New Samsung Gravity
So to make a long story short, I have dropped my phone at least 2 dozen times in the past 3 years that I have had it. Many of those times it has broken into 4 pieces and all I have to do is put them back together and turn it back on. Well, last month I dropped it from a little bit of a higher places then the normal 4 or so feet. This time it was about 250 feet that I dropped it from and this was the last plunge that it ever made. I almost cried but instead couldn't help but just laugh, because when I got off the ride I saw the sad scene and thought "what 'idiot' would be silly enough to drop their phone from such a height?"..... then I realized that idiot was me. The next day I got the new version of the same phone I had just put to rest the day before. It has taken a little getting used to but it serves its purpose and I am liking it, even thought I still miss my old phone :(
Picture source: here

Gingerbread Latte
There is nothing like a hot beverage to warm you up on a cold winter day and my favorite lately has been gingerbread lattes. Whether it's from Dunn Brothers, Caribou, Starbucks, or even the gingerbread coffee creamer I love them all.
Picture source: here


winter is here

the view from my bedroom window

You know winter is upon us when these things happen:

- Christmas lights are starting to paint the houses in our town {including ours}

- all I want to drink is hot tea, coffee, apple cider {anything warm}

- people are hurrying around getting Christmas presents

- thanksgiving ingredients are filling our fridges, freezers, and cupboards {all 20.86 lbs of our turkey had to be put outside cuz he won't fit in our freezer}

- most of us are bundling up in scarves, mittens and jackets

- the work *snow* is in the forecast

- Christmas music is on the radio

- my foundation color {classic ivory} is too dark and I have to switch to porcelain ivory, which is the lightest foundation in this particular line, how sad is that?

- Christmas movies are being played on tv {B and I watched some of Elf the other night}

- candles are lit all around me that smell of cinnamon, leaves, pumpkin, spices

- I can't wait to spend as much time as I can all bundles up with family and friends

- we are planning our holiday celebrations

- our cat and dog are adorably fighting over the 'dog' bed in front of the fireplace {ironically the kitty normally wins}


ten on ten {november}

It's been ages since I did one of these 10 pics on the 10th of the month and I remember why: I always seem to get it out a day late because I normally don't get home till late and still have to edit my pictures from that day which takes a while in itself. Anyway, if you don't know what 10 on 10 is, here is the blog that started this inspirational post once per month. What a great way to capture the moments of our every day lives.

I spent some quality time looking at flights for our trip {working on one of my 12 before 12}

We got our 1st snow this morning and I was so excited, even though it melted in a few short hours

Some might call it crazy, I call it festive, but this was the pattern on my scrub top yesterday

This is a sneak preview of my new office/reception desk at the clinic

The color that is currently on my toes

 Candles burning while doing a load {more like 3} of laundry

Can you tell that my kitty was hungry last night?


ingredients for the perfect relaxation day

Stress: it's a normal part of life, but how do we deal with it? While everyone might have their own ways of trying to overcome stress in their likes, I like to take a few hours and relax as much as I can away from everything. A few days ago I had the chance to have a relaxing 'spa' sort of day and here are a few ingredients that I include into my stress-releasing days.

1. starting off by cleaning my room/bathroom or any place where I will be trying to relax

2. lighting some candles {this aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint one is a favorite}

3. whipping up a face mask or use a store bought one {I prefer the homemade ones because you can specialize them just how you like it, they are normally a fraction of the price, and very easy to make}
4. drawing up a hot bath

5. adding a bath bomb or part of a bubble bubble bar to create some lovely smelling bubbles {this one is from Lush}

6. enjoying the soothing smells and fun colors it emits as you soak up the moisture

7. using a scrub that exfoliates and hydrates your body {again I like the home ones, so easy to make and they have multiple uses}

8. pampering a part of you that feels over worked {I work a lot on me feet, and even though I wear tennis shoes 5 days out of the week it's still nice to have painted toes}
 P.S. let me know if you want the 'recipes' for any of my masks or body scrubs


fabulous friday is here again

1. When I was a kid I wanted to be a chef, own my own doggie day care center {no joke, my heart was set on it for a few years} but ultimately a mom when I grew up.

2. As an adult, my dream job would be being a loving wife & mom.

3. When I was younger I wanted to be just like my grade school teachers, Miss Pfeiffer and Mrs Bailey. They were my role models.

4. The childhood Halloween costume that I remember most was when I was Princess Jasmine, but much to my dismay my mom made me wear a turtle-neck shirt under it because it was cold. Really mom? How cold could it have been in California? I liked princesses but not the normal girly ones like Cinderella, Aurora or Snow White. I liked the more spunky/rebellious ones like Pocahontas, Ariel, and Jasmine.

5. My favorite childhood toy was baby Susie. She had blonde spiky hair {do to me always putting it up in piggy-tails} I took her every where I went. I also loved legos, and still do have my vast collection in storage.

6. The time I got into the biggest amount of trouble when I was a kid was when I "borrowed" my mom's make-up, hid in in my bathroom, and lied about it.

7. I get daily inspiration from fellow bloggers, nature, magazines, Pinterest

If you'd like to join in on the fun, hop on over to Lauren's blog and fill in your own blanks.


12 by 2012

It seems that I have gotten myself into a inspiration/crafting rut as of late, and this looks like my one-way ticket right on out of it. The amazing Danni from Hello, Friend has come up with the idea to have 12 ambitious goals done by 2012. I saw this first posted on a friend's blog {Amanda} and knew it was for me. So come along and join with me, this sounds like the perfect adventure to finish out the year and get us all feeling better about our aspirations.

Here is my list of 12 by 2012:
 updated: 10-27-11

bold = finished
italicized = a work in progress

{1} scrapbook the 2-inch pile of pictures that are currently sitting on my deck {started on 10.27.11}
{2} complete at least 2 projects from my new favorite book: "One-Yard Wonders" by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins
{3} create some festive holiday cards
{4} save up money for the future, now that I have a steady job
{5} spend more quality time with my sisters {went out to eat with my older sis on 11.4.11 and had a shopping trip with my younger sis on 11.5.11}
{6} plan our trip to California {started making phone calls on 11.6.11 and I found some flights, all that's left to do is book them and plan out the details, booked the flights on 11.28.11}
{7} get back into my regular gym schedule {started back up on 11.2.11 and have continued till now}
{8} get my etsy shop up and running again {I've been on "vacation" for far too long}
{9} change up my hair stye {on 11.18.11}
{10} make a few of my Christmas gifts this year {bought some supplies for them but haven't completed them yet}
{11} buy a pair of dressy boots, I've been looking for months with no such luck {accomplished on 11.5.11, pictures will be coming soon}
{12} spend a little more time enjoying the pleasures in life {took day to relax and pamper myself on 11.4.11, seen here in this blog post}

I will also be taking pictures of each goal in progress and do a few blogs along the way to update on what's been going on. This way I will really be held accountable for these aspirations and more inspired to complete them!


a new light

It feels like my life has refocused in the past few months since I started my internship at the clinic and gotten my new job. As though I'm looking through the lens of a different camera.

When someone tells me that they aren't feeling very good I automatically start asking them questions like "How long have you had your cough? Do you have a fever or chills to go along with it?" or "Where is the pain localized? Is it warm to the touch, swollen, or a different color than normal?"

It's getting a little ridiculous some days, like last week, when a dear friend informed me that she needed her asthma inhaler quite frequently I instantly started to tell her the benefits of using a spacier {you get x5-10 more medication into your lungs} see there I go again. I just can't help it because most of the patients I tell that to have no idea.

I pretty much watch only medical shows now. Ones like Grey's, House, Private Practice, {my newest addiction, thanks to my mom, who got me hooked on yet another med show} Hart of Dixie. They are totally not accurate but I don't care. I watch them for the moments when I can say "I know what that is" or "They are totally doing that procedure wrong." or the moments when a patient is showing signs of cystic fibrosis or an aortic dissection and I guess it before the doctors do. What can I say, I'm obsessed.

I can't even imagine how I would be if I went on to become a physician's assistant or a doctor. I try to not bring it home with me but when I get to assist in a lumbar puncture or assist while a doctor stitches up a guys face I can't help but bring that home to tell my family {without violating HIPAA of course}.

I see things in a new light. I medical light. When I see an ambulance drive by my mind instantly starts racing with things like: what type of medical issue are they racing to, or which hospital are they running through red lights to get to, or how bad are the patients injuries. Is there blood every where or are the injuries internal. I know it probably sounds nerdy {and morbid} but those are the things that run through my head where before it was more like: I hope they are ok!


a very fall-ish friday

1.  Nothing says fall like taking a walk/drive among the changing leaves.

2.  My favorite autumn tradition is apple picking.

3.  My favorite fall treat is anything pumpkin. I am obsessed with pumpkin breads, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin bars, pumpkin pie {I think you get the picture.

4.  Fall makes me think of getting cozy on the couch because I am a totally sissy when it comes to cold weather and at the beginning of winter I am more of a wimp than ever.

5.  Autumn free form work association, go: scarves, apple cider, leaves, boots, tea, red, orange, yellow, pine cones, pumpkins, brown, cinnamon, crisp apples....

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is a skirt with leggings, boots, and a scarf.

7.  My favorite fall holiday is {Halloween or Thanksgiving} is Thanksgiving. There really is no comparison for me. Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, but to me there's nothing better than spending the whole day watching the parade, spending time with family, cooking, drinking and eating all day, and giving thanks for all the blessings that have been graciously given to us.


sick supplies

When you are running around and keeping busy with life as usual, taking a day off seems like a pretty good thing. Taking a day off to sit on the couch, eat soup, and watch movies doesn't seem too bad, pretty good infact, even if you had to be sick to get onto that couch for the day,

This is how I had felt for the past few weeks when a few people around me were sick with colds. I thought if only I had an excuse to take a break, and this week I got what I was asking for, I got that dreaded cold but with none of the "benefits". No lying on the couch and sleeping all day, no watching my favorite shows on tv, no diet of saltines and soup. No there is no such thing with a 8-5 job, the days of just staying home from school are long gone. The real world is here to kick me when I'm down again.

When I get a cold it always starts off with the painful and dry sore throat and eventually moves to the head/sinus congestion and finally the cough and chest congestion. This is how it goes for me at least, so according to my "sickness schedule" I still have a day or 2 to finish out my first cold of the season. Gotta love the fresh batch of fall colds.

Even though I couldn't spend my days on the couch and eat nothing but soup and juice I still made a run to the store to get "sicky supplies" and stocked my drawers at work for the winter months ahead. Have you gotten sick yet? If so, you have my truest condolences.


so thankful it's friday

You can find my linkup with the lovely Lauren here.

1.  Something popular that I can't stand/just don't "get" is buying extremely expensive trendy clothes just for their labels. People are just crazy for fashion.

2. Something unpopular that I secretly love is taking a time out and spending a little time by myself. Life is so busy, but a little quality time to relax and calm down after a crazy week will always recharge my batteries. In fact, that's what today is about.

3.  When I've had a bad day I come home, change in to a comfy pair of sweats, take off my make-up, and either snuggle up with a blanket and a favorite TV show or hop on my computer to blog.

4.  I prefer sweet drinks to anything bitter any day.

5.  Something that makes me nervous is driving on twisty roads that are really steep. Those ones where on one side of the road the hill practically goes straight up and on the other side is a 10,000 feet drop to your death. {a little dramatic this morning or what?}

6.  Something worth fighting for is love. Whether it's between friends, relatives, or your significant other. I would do anything for those I love.

7.  When people think of me, I hope they think that I am a caring, fun person who is very optimistic and loves life. I hope they see mow much I love my Savior and how much I love them.


fall splendor

It's memories like these that stick with you.
It's photographs like these that you look back on years later and remember how much fun life can be.

It's friends like these that make life more colorful.
It's days like these that warm your heart.

It's smiles like these that keep the laughter rolling.
It's adventures like these that add life to an ordinary day.

It's moments like these that live on with the simple click of a button.
It's times like these that we will never forget.


a few of my faves

I always thought that the twin cities had much more to offer than the more well known places ever since I started dating B, I have learned first hand that that is true.

These are just a few of my favorite places so far from the past few months:
- the streets of the Minnesota state fair {biggest fair I've ever been to}
- the many bays that lake Minnetonka has to offer
- Brit's Pub with lawn bowling on the roof
- the one-square-mile city of Excelsior, a unique blend of old and new with it's antique shops, a theater, restaurants, a B&B inn, one of our favorite coffee places: Dunn Bros Coffee
- the breathtaking Minnehaha waterfalls

Our latest adventure took place a few weekends ago when we explored the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. This expansive land features: "more than 1,000 acres of magnificent gardens, model landscapes, and natural areas-from woodlands and wetlands to prairie-with extensive collections of northern-hardy plants."{quote taken right from their website because I couldn't have said it any better}. I couldn't help but share a few of my favorite pictures from that amazing September day.


what I am lovin in september

It's a few days late but here are a few either old or new things I've gotten to try this month and fallin in love with.
Essie Nail Polish in Big Splender
This is a perfect color for the season and right on with the trends for fall. It's a pretty raspberry dark pink, too bad I can't wear nail polish to work.
photo source: here

Cinnamon Toast Crunch
I don't think I could pick a favorite cereal, but this is definitely on my top list. There's nothing better then a nice big bowl of this amazing cereal while watching the sun rise and light up the sky.
photo source: here

Bath & Body Works Candle in Leaves
Fall is full of delightful scents, and you wanna know my new favorite? You guessed it, the Leaves candle by B&B. It may smell good in the jar, but it's even better when the scent fills up your house with ingredients like: toasted cinnamon, golden nectar, mulled cider, freshly harvested berries.
photo source: here

Cortland Apples
Never thought that I'd like any apple better then honey crisp, but one of my girlfriends led me to the discovery of Cortlands which are crisp and tart at a apple orchard we visited on Friday. I've made applesauce, apple crisp, apple cider, what else can I make with all these apples?
photo source: my photo

Maurices Dark Brown Moccasins
A few years ago when these became popular I vowed that I would never buy them. Not really sure why, but I was convinced they weren't for me. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I found them at Maurices and I changed my mind once I felt jsut how comfortable they really are.
photo source: here

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte
I know I've said this many times before, but it really doesn't get any better than this. If you are fans like me, give the new Salted Carmel Mocha a try, you will never be the same!
photo source: here

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Soft Plum
Another amazing product by Marbelline strikes my favorite list. It's the perfect fall plum color.
photo source: here

The O.C.
It's so Brian's fault for this one. He got me hooked and now I cant' give it up. It just brings back so many good memories. And I got season 1 & 2 for 1/2 the normal price and they shipped them straight to my house.
photo source: here

Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat
There's a reason why I've never put a top nail polish coat on here before: they weren't ever any good until I discovered this one. I tend to paint my nails and then realize that there are about 10 things on my 'to-do list' so this is perfect for me. It dries your existing paint and makes it nice and shinny, seriously Sally Hansen how do you do it?
photo source: here


it's finally friday

 If you want to see the source of my Friday fill-ins, check out Lauren and join the Friday club!

1.  My current obsession is the O.C. It's a blast from my past, in my high school days.

2.  Chocolate makes me happy.

3.  My greatest strength is in my Savior. He is my ultimate rock.

4.  Stress, self-doubt, and thinking I'm not good enough are my greatest weaknesses.

5.  My life is amazing. My life is nothing where I thought it would be, but that's a good thing. The plans I had for my life have been pushed aside and a much better life than I could have ever expected has come along. I feel extremely blessed.

6.  In high school I was so happy. I think I took life for granted thinking things like "could life be any more stressful" or "I can't wait to be older with a real job". I was blissful ignorant, but weren't we all in high school?

7.  When I'm super tired I get a little loopy. It must run in my family cuz my aunt and mother are the same way.


a whole new world

 Of course it couldn't be a true graduation without the traditional/cheesy parent shot.

This past week certainly has been a monumental one. I not only graduated with my associates degree as a medical assistant {on Thursday}, but I started my new job {yesterday}.My parents/grandparents threw me and my sister a graduation party. Even though my sister won't be graduating till December, it's not too often that we get to see my grandparents from Cali so we had a combined celebration.

My new job has been an overwhelming amount of change and new experiences, but I am just taking baby steps and thriving off the new energy. While there is so much information flowing around me, all I have to remember is that I will eventually know what I'm doing so why stress about it. Why stress about something that I know will just take time and some hard work.

I know that the only way I've made it through these past few weeks and the only way I'll make it through these next few weeks is believing these 2 things:
 1) everything will work out for the best
 2) trust in the Lord because he has a plan for everything

I also got to cross out 2 items from my own personal bucket list this week {graduating from globe as a MA & graduating from college with honors}, but there are still so many more.

My goal for this next year: to accomplish half a dozen of those aspirations. Let's see what these next months hold....


lets fill in some blanks

Hop on over to Lauren over at the little things we do, to see the inspiration for this weeks fill in the blank Friday.
1.  You should always take time to pray. Prayer is one of the most powerful things there is.

2.  Laughter make(s) the world a happier place to be.

3.  I can hardly wait for the holidays. Winter holidays are my favorite!

4.  Saturday is my favorite day of the week.

5.  Something totally dumb and ridiculous that I love are my tv shows {that start back up in the fall}, guilty as charged.

6.  If I could, I would travel the world and see the amazing sights that I've always dreamed about.

7.  I rather like eating breakfast food for supper.


big news

At roughly 1:45 yesterday I went to the clinic to take a drug test. Normally this isn't a task that I would enjoy, but for me it was a blessing that I couldn't be more happy about. You see, the test was for a drug screening because I got a JOB!! I real 8-5 job. I went for an interview, they called my references, considered their options, and asked how I want my name spelled on my name tag. Through the shaking and the sweat that was pouring down forehead I excitedly accepted the position as a MA {medical assistant} at Marshfield clinic. I start in 1 + 1/2 weeks {the 26th} and I couldn't be more excited. I was completely convinced that I wouldn't get a job this soon and telling myself that it might take a few months before I find a position. I never expected that the Lord would bless me with this type of job, and even before I graduate.

I feel like the sky is the limit, just like this picture of mine that I took over this past season. School has been a challenging process, but it's so exciting to see the hard work pay off and to be starting my career {or "big girl job" as my cousin calls it}. I can not thank you all enough for the love and encouragement that you all have given me, whether through my blog or in person. It truly means the world to me.


changing of the seasons

Just as summer is slipping through our fingers the next season seems to be embracing us with open arms. Even though it's not technically autum till the 23rd, I can already see the effects of this season as it washes over us:

-football is back on tv
-the trees are starting to change colors
-apples are in season and ready to be turned into pies, cider, caramel apples
-I'm starting to pull some of my winter clothes from storage
-it's getting cooler at night
-jeans and sweatshirts feel great again, instead of the farthest thing from my mind
-scarves and mittens don't seem too far off anymore
-we will soon be craving hot tea and soup

Brian and I celebrated one of our favorite seasons by taking our 1st trip to an apple orchard and wine fest. I think we'll have to make this a tradition of ours. We did a little wine tasting, apple picking and later made an apple crisp, with a little whippy it was melt-in-your-mouth amazing! I love the idea of starting our own traditions each season. There are so many memories that we have already created, I can't wait to see what's in store for us next.

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