what we've learned

6 months. Yes that's how many months ago Brian and I met. It seems like the first weekend we met was only a few days ago, but then again, it feel like I've known him all my life.Here are just a few of the many things we have learned about each other, I even got him in on this post to add what he has discovered.

A few things I have learned from the past 6 months:
: I certainly didn't know how much my life could change, for the better, so fast
: he is an amazing cook
: I never thought I'd meet someone who is so similar to me
: we agree on almost everything, except maybe how we like our coffee {I don't have the stomach or the taste buds for black coffee}
: he can cheer me up with a simple text or a lil kiss on the cheek
: he will make an amazing dad some day {picture below is his adorable niece + Godchild, almost 8 weeks old}
: friends and family are so so important
: I can't imagine my life without him

A few things he has learned from the past 6 months {he came up with these on his own}:
: the Lord has blessed us so much already
: he has learned how to trust in me completely because I am "perfect" {that is his choice or words, not mine}
: his future is bright because of us
: everything happens for a reason {how we met}
: the Lord takes care of us and always will
: it's not always true that opposites attract, in our case the opposite is true

A few the things we have learned from the past 6 months:
: we both truly love each others families like they are our own
: the song "God Gave Me You" fits so perfectly for us
: he can put up with all of my crazy ways, and I can gladly handle with his wacky ways too =)
: we have the same views on the big issues in life
: we are both love to travel, whether it's a day trip or a trip across country {like our trip to Cali in February}
: the Lord is the center of our relationship
: most of the time we don't even need words to understand what the other is thinking
: we truly understand each other
: we never thought it was possible to love someone this much


  1. What a sweet post! I'm happy to say I called this prior to the midnight paddle boat ride! :-)


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