The Twilight Trap

So yes, I have fallen into the Twilight trap! It all started with the books by Stephanie Meyer. The backbone of the now ever popular Twilight Saga. The books take you on a journey and I was glad to follow. Some have expressed their dislike in rather colorful ways, but as Prof Sullivan would say, I believe that you can not speak intelligently on the subject unless you have done the reading. New Moon hit the theaters last week and has already been a better hit that anticipated! I am not as passionate as some others fans, but I did enjoy the movie's accuracy to the books! What did the you guys think?


A Book Of Inspiration

You know those recipes you find in magazines or on the backs of cereal boxes that look so good, but you never have a place to put them? Do jumbles of cluttersom recipes build up in random places over time, and you just don't know what to do? I have that problem {if you couldn't tell} so decided to turn that clutter into an accessible book. I got these blissful idea from a friend, and went from there. I titled it, 'A Book of Inspiration.'
First I found a journal with lined paper, that's larger that the average size. I numbered all the pages and made a table of contents. Each page has a title in the table on contents so I can access the recipes faster and more efficiently. It's a great way to store those miscellaneous recipes, and you can add your own little notes and suggestions once you experiment with them. It's a personalized cook book that's filled with only recipes that you would enjoy, and it's a way to stay organized! Has anyone done something similar?


Watching Him in the Kitchen

Today was the perfect day for baking, and Josh had a craving for chocolate cake. As I sat back and watched him, I couldn't help by smile as he made his way around our kitchen like it was his own. He knows his way around after volunteering to help clean it up on so many occasions. He is a pretty good cook and likes to experiment.

He added his own twist to the traditional chocolate cake, with chocolate pudding. Apparently it's an Ohlmann tradition to flood the cake with milk, so that's what we did. Even though it was good, Josh told me that nothing can live up to his mom's Butterfinger cake, {which we got to enjoy last weekend}


A Weekend Filled With....

This past weekend Josh, Randy, and I made a trip to St. Louis. This priceless weekend was filled with many things:

>drinking more caffeine in a few days that I've had in the past few months

>spending time with the Ohlmann family

>hearing the word 'Joshy' being yelled through out the house

>laughing so hard my stomach hurt

>being treated like a 'celebrity' as Mrs. Ohlmann would say

>spending more that 30 priceless hours in the car with Josh and Randy

>watching Josh play football with his lil brothers {Noah and Caleb}

>watching a few soccer games and remembering what it's like to be a kid

>cuddling with 2 cute lil girls {Hannah and Lydia}

>going to the crazy book sale with all it's amazing deals

>seeing Josh in his own element: at home with his family

>having supper with the fam

>watching the boys {big and small} play video games

>than later being beat by the smaller boys {which sadly didn't surprise me}

>having a weekend that I'll never forget


Belated Halloween

Even though Halloween was a few weeks ago, here are a few pictures from how I spent my Halloween. A few friends came over and we spent the after noon with yummy food, scary movies on, our arms covered in pumpkin guts (which every year I seem to forget that I'm allergic to until I'm up to my elbows in orange slime). For me, Halloween is one of the best holidays. It's not about the candy or the freaky decorations. I love seeing the creative costumes and the cute little kids. There is nothing cuter that seeing a 20 month old little girl that I take care of at kids club, come in dressed as a chubby little pumpkin with a smile from ear to ear!

P.S. I would highly recommend the movie Taken. We watched it Halloween night, and while it's a little disturbing, for all the girls out there that are a little too trusting, watch this movie. It'll make you think twice about who you trust and what not to do when traveling!


from Roehl to Tiefel....

On October 24, one of my best friends got married. Emily Roehl and Paul Tiefel were married, and forever changed. It was a fun wedding with many friends in town. Joey Reim came for the weekend and we had a blast. Sometimes there can be nothing better that catching up with friends and chatting about memories.

Even though the weekend was filled with bittersweet tears and hard moments, happiness also blossomed out through the difficult moments, even when we had to let go of pieces of our childhood.

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