what I am lovin in november

Whether it's watching the 49ers {on the very rare occasion that I actually get to} or the Packers with Brin, we watch it whenever we get the chance. It's even become a routine for B and I, Sundays consist of: church, a quick stop at the grocery store, making a big meal, and relaxing with football. What will we do when the season is over?
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OPI nail polish in Babble Bath
Neutrals have been my theme lately {due to work and the changing of the seasons} and this is the sweetest baby pink that looks so effortless and put together. It's my fall back whenever I'm not sure to do next.
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I have heard so much hype about the store Lush and in these past few months I have tried out a few of the products. If you don't know Lush is sort of a more sophisticated, more organic and natural Bath & Body Works type of store and it's amazing. One of my favorites is the Buffy Body Bar {I got the 3 oz bar as a gift and totally love it}
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I have been totally obsessed with these this month. I love to have foods that I can snack on at work and these are perfect, plus they don't get your hands all cheesy dirty.
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New Girl
Once I heard that Zooey Deschanel was going to be in a new tv show I was instantly hooked, she is one of my favorite actresses. I just love how natural she is and isn't afraid to be herself, how can you not love her. Also she has an amazing very different voice.
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Matrix Biolage
I recently got my hair highlighted and cut a few inches off. With the winter drying months upon us I wanted a shampoo/conditioner that would not only be very moisturizing and good for my hair but also purchase one that smells amazing. This is my all time favorite line of hair products, just take one smell and you will see what I mean. In regular stores it is very expensive, but can be found at salons and in gift sets for a discounted price, which is how I got mine.
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Whether it's pies for Thanksgiving or dishes for Sunday afternoons, I have been all about baking this month. For my winter is the time for soups, casseroles, chillis, and just warming up your body with tasty foods.
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New Samsung Gravity
So to make a long story short, I have dropped my phone at least 2 dozen times in the past 3 years that I have had it. Many of those times it has broken into 4 pieces and all I have to do is put them back together and turn it back on. Well, last month I dropped it from a little bit of a higher places then the normal 4 or so feet. This time it was about 250 feet that I dropped it from and this was the last plunge that it ever made. I almost cried but instead couldn't help but just laugh, because when I got off the ride I saw the sad scene and thought "what 'idiot' would be silly enough to drop their phone from such a height?"..... then I realized that idiot was me. The next day I got the new version of the same phone I had just put to rest the day before. It has taken a little getting used to but it serves its purpose and I am liking it, even thought I still miss my old phone :(
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Gingerbread Latte
There is nothing like a hot beverage to warm you up on a cold winter day and my favorite lately has been gingerbread lattes. Whether it's from Dunn Brothers, Caribou, Starbucks, or even the gingerbread coffee creamer I love them all.
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