trip to Cali

I am back from my 3 weeks of vacationing....to jump right into my internship 2 days later. I have already completed my third day and my head is spinning. I have a feeling it will continue to keep on spinning till I am done in 9 weeks time and graduate in September. There will be much more on that later, but now for a little catch-up. Last week was spent in the sunshine, in my home state California and lets just say I went picture crazy. I had my camera out at every possible moment and it is now resting in my camera bag from its week of being very over worked.
We spent the week as tourists, visiting some of our favorite cities like Sunnyvale to San Francisco, from San Jose to Monterey. While we did get to see many of our friends, there simply wasn't time to do 1/2 of what I had on my imaginary list. I'm sure there will be a trip coming up soon where will be able to enjoy much more of our favorite places.One thing I miss tremendously about California is the people. Both sets of Grandparents live there along with dozens of friends!It's been years since I visited the Monterey Bay {not Bat Aquarium Brian} Aquarium and I must say, it has changed since I was there last. Even though there are new exhibits or expanded walls, this place is full of memories from my childhood that will never change.How often can we say "Lets go have a picnic on the ocean beach!" It's been way too long!It was an action filled vacation and one that I will never forget. Visiting all my friends and family makes me want to visit even more. There is only one other state where I can say words like these when I get off the plane "It feels good to be home!"


am I dreaming?

In some of my posts for the last month or so I have been making a few hints about the new guy in my life. I also made a few promises to tell you some details about who has been making me over the moon happy, so here I go.

Over a month ago I went to Arise and Shine, the 20s and 30s retreat in northern MN. I went into the weekend excited to see many of my friends and ready to dig into my bible and be strengthened by my Savior. What I was not expecting was for someone to catch my eye and instantly have my curiosity.

I was certainly not expecting to meet someone who would forever change my life, and I know this because I didn't bring the type attire that I would normally bring if I wanted to look my best. He was seeing me in my sweats and sport t-shirts and still decided to stick around. He's brave.

From the first night we seemed to have a connection and I felt at ease around him. The next day was a whirlwind of so many people, lots of coffee, so many encouraging words from our Lord, some water fun, and many games. The games lasted into the late hours of the night {well technically the early morning} and we ended the night with a trip out on to the glassy lake for a few hours of uninterrupted talking. We talked about anything and everything from jobs to grade school to how many things we really have in common.

By this point it was evident that this was more than just a little crush. The next day was filled with even more caffeine and so many more moments that turned into amazing memories. We listened to some amazing speeches that were given by amazing Christians, sharing their intimate details about fears in our lives. It was then that I realized one of my fears. I was fearful that this was all a dream and that this new found bliss would be ripped from me. All I had to do is look into those blue eyes and any fear that was swirling around in my head, disappeared.

Since then we have had some amazing dates and met each other's families and friends, which couldn't have gone better. After getting back from a weekend over in his neck of the woods, every time it gets more and more challenging to say good-bye.

I have never dated someone so similar to me....he makes me feel complete. He makes me so unbelievably ecstatic and I can only hope to make him as happy as he has made me.

It takes a life altering weekend like this, to completely humble you and to know that our planned out paths are laughed at by the Lord. He has so many better unexpected joys ahead of us, we can't even begin to imagine.

I still wake up and think that I am dreaming most days.

Someone pinch me.


fill in the blank friday #8

1. My plans this summer include for those details, see this post.

The best summer I ever had was the one that I am presently having. It's been the best summer I've ever had and it's not even half over yet. I can't wait to see what else is in store!

Summer is a time for swimming and barbecues, tank-tops and sunscreen, popsicle and spending time at the pool, flower dresses and boating across the lake.

My favorite summer food is popsicles and ice cream, hands down!

5. The best way to quench a summer thirst is with
a tall glass of lemonade or lemonade.

6. My summer uniform consists of tank-tops, summer dresses & skirts, swimsuits, a nice tan.

7. The best things about summer are spending as much time outside as possible, relaxing in the sun with a good book, and enjoying all the joys that this particular season brings!

summer vaca

My life has been a little to busy as of late to devote time to my blog. This is a sad reality, but the truth. For the last month or so {ever since the summer season started} I have been pulled in so many directions, from school and friends, to family and vacations, to road trips and so many other activities. And this is not that post to say that it is all calming down. This is the updating post, which is a bridge between the kayos. Bright and early tomorrow I will be boarding a plane....destination sunny California. It has been way too long since I visited my home state and I can't wait. Before I get too ahead of myself, here is a little update of where I've been this past couple of weeks.

Last week was spent on a family vacation in northern MN. We rented a cabin and had the ideal vacation: minimal activity and maximum amounts of relaxing, just what we all needed to recharge our batteries and refresh our worn out bodies. Here are just a few of the over 300 pictures that I captured.
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