sick supplies

When you are running around and keeping busy with life as usual, taking a day off seems like a pretty good thing. Taking a day off to sit on the couch, eat soup, and watch movies doesn't seem too bad, pretty good infact, even if you had to be sick to get onto that couch for the day,

This is how I had felt for the past few weeks when a few people around me were sick with colds. I thought if only I had an excuse to take a break, and this week I got what I was asking for, I got that dreaded cold but with none of the "benefits". No lying on the couch and sleeping all day, no watching my favorite shows on tv, no diet of saltines and soup. No there is no such thing with a 8-5 job, the days of just staying home from school are long gone. The real world is here to kick me when I'm down again.

When I get a cold it always starts off with the painful and dry sore throat and eventually moves to the head/sinus congestion and finally the cough and chest congestion. This is how it goes for me at least, so according to my "sickness schedule" I still have a day or 2 to finish out my first cold of the season. Gotta love the fresh batch of fall colds.

Even though I couldn't spend my days on the couch and eat nothing but soup and juice I still made a run to the store to get "sicky supplies" and stocked my drawers at work for the winter months ahead. Have you gotten sick yet? If so, you have my truest condolences.

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