a new light

It feels like my life has refocused in the past few months since I started my internship at the clinic and gotten my new job. As though I'm looking through the lens of a different camera.

When someone tells me that they aren't feeling very good I automatically start asking them questions like "How long have you had your cough? Do you have a fever or chills to go along with it?" or "Where is the pain localized? Is it warm to the touch, swollen, or a different color than normal?"

It's getting a little ridiculous some days, like last week, when a dear friend informed me that she needed her asthma inhaler quite frequently I instantly started to tell her the benefits of using a spacier {you get x5-10 more medication into your lungs} see there I go again. I just can't help it because most of the patients I tell that to have no idea.

I pretty much watch only medical shows now. Ones like Grey's, House, Private Practice, {my newest addiction, thanks to my mom, who got me hooked on yet another med show} Hart of Dixie. They are totally not accurate but I don't care. I watch them for the moments when I can say "I know what that is" or "They are totally doing that procedure wrong." or the moments when a patient is showing signs of cystic fibrosis or an aortic dissection and I guess it before the doctors do. What can I say, I'm obsessed.

I can't even imagine how I would be if I went on to become a physician's assistant or a doctor. I try to not bring it home with me but when I get to assist in a lumbar puncture or assist while a doctor stitches up a guys face I can't help but bring that home to tell my family {without violating HIPAA of course}.

I see things in a new light. I medical light. When I see an ambulance drive by my mind instantly starts racing with things like: what type of medical issue are they racing to, or which hospital are they running through red lights to get to, or how bad are the patients injuries. Is there blood every where or are the injuries internal. I know it probably sounds nerdy {and morbid} but those are the things that run through my head where before it was more like: I hope they are ok!

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