17 days

In 17 days the flame will be passed, the athletes will come, the excitement will build, the flags will be raised and the games will begin!! There is a magic in the air with it's tangible anticipation that can only mean one thing, the Olympics Games. I have been counting down the months and now days till those amazing opening ceremonies. Some may see the Olympics as just sports, but to so many they are much more. The Olympics bring our counties together to one place to compete and enjoy phenomenal sports. The Olympics are more than games, they are an inspiration and a chance to fulfill dreams...


walking on the river

After receiving snowshoes from my parents for Christmas, I have been all to anxious to try them out. On Sunday Josh and I ventured out in the wintry climate to try something new. If any of you have even been snow shoeing you will know how much it can be. Even though this wasn't ideal for someone like me {lets just say, I'm not the most coordinated person} I ventured out despite my talent for tripping. While walking to the frozen river {and concurring one of my biggest fears} we ventured down the river with our enlarged feet. Even with falling 3 times and sustaining a large green a blue bruise on my shin I would still call our first snowshoe outing a success. The weather was perfect and the air clear. It's times like these that I am thankful for our winters here in Eau Claire. Yes they can seem dismal at times, but every once and a while an adventure may arises that makes it worth it. We've been looking for other ideas to do outside amongst the cool climate. Anyone have suggestions?


yes, I am a scrapper

Over Christmas break I had the pleasure of taking a few days to do some serious scrap booking. I accomplished pages for a whole album and created pages from last year until last month! I think the hardest challenge of scrap booking can be choosing between the plethora of moments captured on camera. It was a nice way to spend my Christmas break, watching movies and displaying the moments of the past year with colorful paper and creative embellishments! Here are a few pages that I accomplished over break:

P.S. If any of you have seen the movie "New In Town" the title to this post might give you a giggle


back to the books

This week was the beginning to my final semester at Immanuel. I have attended Immanuel for 6 years now and these next months will be my last. It is hard to sum up my feelings about starting school again for the last time here. I'm excited to move on to my next adventure, but will be sad to see Immanuel as part of my past.

Focusing on this semester it will be chalk full of busy days and fun expeditions. I have a lighter work load this semester with only 4 academic classes besides Choir and Tour Choir.
I will be enjoying American history, Art, Old Testament Religion, and Child Psychology {which many of you know, I am oh so very excited about} Anybody out there starting school as well? What type of classes are you taking?


Dear John

Nicholas Sparks is know for his emotionally stirring movies that leave your eyes puffy the next morning. His book Dear John is no different. While sitting in an over populated and anxious movie theater {awaiting the start of the much anticipated New Moon movie} I saw a preview for Dear John, a new movie based on the book my Nicholas Sparks set to premier on February 5th. Turning to Noelle and Megs beside me we all smiled and instantly knew that we not only needed to see the movie, but read the book. Before I started my Jane Austen adventure I bought the book for Noelle, Megs and I to read together. I read the novel and was instantly captivated by the story that Nicholas Sparks had created. He brings you into his own world and you can't help but be entranced. A few years ago I wouldn't have been able to handle this sort of emotion story, but now know that the emotion it conveys is what keeps us connected to each other. That might sounds strange, but the book is excellent and highly recommended. Even though I cried the last 1/3 of the book it was worth the tears and the puffy eyes in the morning.
P.S. The song played in the back round for the preview is an amazing new song by Snow Patrol: Set Fire To The Third Bar. It describes the premise for the movie so explicitly.

a blessed year

Sorry that I haven't written in so many days! It feel as though it's been months, but over break I couldn't seem to get inspired. Of course the night I do get inspired is the day before school, but that might just be the reason. As I start this new semester I couldn't move on without summing up the past year. As 2009 fades deeper into the past and school steadily approaches I find myself wondering what this year will hold. If this upcoming year will be anything like this past year, I am in for a busy and hectic, but enjoyable year. This past year was filled with many blessings and adventures. Here are just a few of them that were captured with film:

From start to finish last year was filled with new experiences. I had some crazy adventures, spent a few too many hours in the hospital, experienced hardship that didn't seem to have an end, met many new faces, gained new friends, experienced a complete 180 in my life {which if you know me well I am sure that you've heard that a few times}, visitied friends far away, was a part of 2 weddings where I got to see 2 of my girlfriends marry their best friends, watched more kids that I would have thought, visited places I have never been, met someone so unexpected who has changed my life in the best way possible, and through all this God has lead me to where I am now. All we have to do is trust in Him.
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