change is in the air

yesterday, a few new additions were added to my shower. it might seem a little silly to blog about such a minuet change {like hair color}, but change has seemed to be the theme of my life these days. change is happening all around me and I am all to exited to see where else the Lord takes me.


just in case you were curious

what has been taking up my time for the past few weeks.... anyone have a guess?i have given little clues, but not really shared what has been filling my days lately. school. yes school. all the fun classes like anatomy+physiology, medical terminology, intro to clinical skills, and a few others adding up to a 18 credit load. some called me a little loco for starting in the summer, but who wouldn't want to start when it's warm out and you can spend the many hours studying on a blanket soaking up the sun. so that is what i have been up to, exploring many of eau claire's fabulous parks with my over loaded backpack. any suggestions of your favorite park around the ec area? i need some new ideas.


arise and shine....

and that is what we did, we arose with the Lord and shone in his marvelous light! it was the perfect conclusion to summer {before school set in}. for those of you who don't really know what I'm babbling on about, arise and shine is a retreat for those in their 20s and 30s to come together, forget about the stresses around us, and focus on our true reason for living, our gracious Lord. with the help of some excellent {gold} leaders we all met in St. Louis to enjoy a relaxing extended weekend.along with growing closer to our Lord and Savior, we also had some time for recreation. for some there was volleyball, some kayaking, some ultimate frisbee, others there was hiking, and for most of us there was lots of swimming {maybe even a little too much for those of us with a lovely green tint to our hair from the over excessive chlorine chemicals}.


camp koyquin: part 3

rachel graced some of the ladies with a few {love rach} tattoos.the last day consisted of a steeple chase filled with many tasks, some of them a little nasty {sliding through jello, mapple syrup, sea weed, pancakes} or making a new hair style with a mashed potato mixture.all together camp was an amazing experience with many blessings from the Lord. It took a few days to recover, but I would do it again in a heart beat!{P.S. this is my 100th post! just a fun little milestone fact!}

camp koyquin: part 2

sorry it's been so long since I've followed through on my word and shared some moments from that blissful but challenging week of camp.

from day one, the Lord gave us an extra dose of strength to persevere through the week filled with bible passages and sunscreen. megan and I were in charge of 9 5th-6th grade girls, and from night one they began to bond with each other, and with us. we couldn't have asked for a better group of girls. we had a blast turning our cabin into the 'Beach House' filled with paper lanterns and twinkle lights.
here are just a few of our fearless leaders!the kids were blessed to have Jen as their crafts teacher for the week. they explored their creative side with glue, stamps, string, crazy scissors, hemp, beads and more.
at night we played games with the girls and danced to music! megan and I tried to pack as much fun as we could into our precious time with the girls in the cabin!
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