a whole new world

 Of course it couldn't be a true graduation without the traditional/cheesy parent shot.

This past week certainly has been a monumental one. I not only graduated with my associates degree as a medical assistant {on Thursday}, but I started my new job {yesterday}.My parents/grandparents threw me and my sister a graduation party. Even though my sister won't be graduating till December, it's not too often that we get to see my grandparents from Cali so we had a combined celebration.

My new job has been an overwhelming amount of change and new experiences, but I am just taking baby steps and thriving off the new energy. While there is so much information flowing around me, all I have to remember is that I will eventually know what I'm doing so why stress about it. Why stress about something that I know will just take time and some hard work.

I know that the only way I've made it through these past few weeks and the only way I'll make it through these next few weeks is believing these 2 things:
 1) everything will work out for the best
 2) trust in the Lord because he has a plan for everything

I also got to cross out 2 items from my own personal bucket list this week {graduating from globe as a MA & graduating from college with honors}, but there are still so many more.

My goal for this next year: to accomplish half a dozen of those aspirations. Let's see what these next months hold....

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