bride DIY: coloring mason jar

I adore mason jars, cold hard fact. I have always been a fan and started collecting them in high school. I always dreamed of using them in my own wedding, so guess what project I started this week?

After a visit to the store with over 80 jars in tow I started in on my project. I have seen a few DIY tutorials about coloring mason jars to incorporate the colors of you special event, and I was instantly hooked. Mason jars with a hint of pink was the perfect way to add more color into our decor. It took a few rounds, but after some 'trial and error' this is my version of coloring mason jars:

How it works:
You add color to some mad podge and coat the inside of a mason jar. As the jar dries the mod podge will dry just about clear leaving you with a wonderful translucent hue of color.

-mason jars {what ever size you desire}
-food coloring
-mod podge
-popsicle stick or something disposable for stirring
-wax paper
-paper towels
-heat proof tray
-disposable cups

Step #1:
In a disposable cup mix together mod podge and a few drops of food coloring. I added about 7 drops to a cup of mod podge. Add a few tsp of water to make the consistence a little more runny.
Step #2:
Pour a few tbs into a mason jar and swirl around, coating the whole inside of the jar. Hold upside down for a few minutes, pouring out excess mod podge back into the cup.

Step #3:
Place upside down on a paper towel to absorb the excess fluid for about 10 minutes. Place on wax paper and a heat proof tray.

Put upside down jars on the wax paper and in the oven {set on the lowest temp} for about 10 minutes. Turn right side up and keep them in the oven for another 30-40 minutes.

Step #5:
Take out of oven when there are no more streaks and let air dry for a few hours before you continue with your decoding.

This is such a cute way to add color in a very inexpensive way. It's also a great project for you to invite the girls over and make a day of it. My jars vary a little in color, but I really enjoy that each jar is different from the next.

And now for the obvious comment of the day: of course you can add any food coloring you want to the jars to make them fit with your style. I choose red food coloring to make my jars light pink and it turned out perfect. It pretty much looks like pepto or liquid bubble gum to me, but dries just about clear leaving the pink color behind. Perfect for our wedding!


firsts and lasts

This past year has been filled with firsts and lasts:
- the signing of our first apartment lease together
- his first time being a Godfather
- my last year of college and got my first career job
- his first visit to California
- my first permanent ring on the 4th finger of my left hand
- our last 'first kisses'
- our first family vacations with each other
- the last time we have to wonder about our forever's
- our first road trip together
- first time we gained new family members
- our first holidays together
- last time dating another girlfriend/boyfriend again
- first and last time he proposed and I {after many 'oh my goodness'} said yes

A year ago there was only one set of feet in the picture.....

....now there are 2

The picture above was taken last weekend at the 20s & 30s retreat: Arise and Shine. Does that sound familiar at all? It's been a whole year since we met there. Who knew how different our lives could change in just one year. It was a whole different going back there with B, knowing that all of our firsts happened there. The first time he held my hand, put his arm around me, hugged me with his protective arms. But it was more then just the physical aspects, he looked me in the eyes and seemed to be looking right into my soul. Not sure if that makes sense, but for those of you who remember the first few days that you spent with your best friend, you know what I mean.

 It's places like these that we will continue to visit each year as we grow as a couple. The Brad Paisley song seemed to run into my mind so many times over the past weekend. Last year I thought how much I liked him, this year I know how much I love him, and I'm sure next year....I will think: I thought I loved him then, this is a whole new kid of love.

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