the ladies skate with grace

The whole world watched as Joannie Rochette stepped out onto the ice. She was met with a standing ovation and so much love and respect especially from her home country, Canada. Only 4 days after her mother's death she skated to bronze with grace and emotion, dedicating her success to her mom. I'm sure everyone would have understood if she wanted to return home to her family, but she persuaded on with the whole world's support.

Rachel Flatt and Mirai Nagasu were such a joy to watch with their spunk and excitment. They were inspiring to watch all the way from Nationals to the Olympics!

'Queen Kim Uh-Na' she is called, and for good reason! Her exquisite performances shattered the records and I don't think too many were surprised at her amazing accomplishment! The most anticipated event {for myself} ended with spectacular grace and excitement for years to come!


dancing toward greatness

The Canadian Ice Dancing couple Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skated their way to victory with an inspiring performance! Even though the US had 2 couples fighting for the gold, I couldn't help but cheer for Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. They have an ease and fluidity that is captivating. Virtue, 20, and Moir, 22, began skating together when she was seven and he was nine years old. When asked abouttheir early years Tessa admitted that the first time she saw Scott she had a crush on him. I found a quote that summed up Scott's feelings. "Something changed in my life when I got to hold the hand of a cute girl. It made more sense to hang out with a cute girl than 19 other guys."

They have been skating ever since and were able to win gold right along side their training partners Meryl Davis and Charlie White, who received the silver.


a fuzzy lil body

{Jackson in his early months}

As I sit here typing out this little note, my kitty is curled up on my lap burying his little nose and paws under my arm. Even though I am struggling to type one handed, it is totally worth it to hear his adorable purr and feel his fuzzy lil body only wanting attention. It makes me think of the first day he came home, and now 2 years later. He has grown from being so feisty, {cuddling was the last thing on his mind} to being a couch potato during these fridged winter months.


summer daydreams

So I'm not normally one to fantasize about the perfect dress for summer, wait who am I kidding? I totally am! As summer approaches, I can't help but daydream about the warmer months ahead. I recently stumbled upon this website and fell in love with some beautiful dresses! I can't wait to see all the fashionable summer dresses+flip-flops on the warm days of sunshine ahead.

The first few dresses are more casual, for those days at the beach, or for taking a lovely stroll around town:

For a night out on the town or a special occasion here are a few of my favorites:

All girls need a lil black dress, but these have a cute twist on your every day lil black dress:


the captivating excitement

{My Favorites: Amanda Evora and Mark Ladwig}

I just have to emphasize what a fanatic I am about Olympics. From the dangerous Skiing moguls, to the daring Snowboard Cross, to the elegant Figure Scatting, the Olympics has it all. I was captivated and very proud of our USA pairs figure skating teams. They weren't expected to win medals, but honored to be a part of the Olympics and it showed in their excitement.

{Caydo Denney and Jeremy Barrett}

But that night of free skate didn't belong to the US. It belonged to China. Millions got to watch the dreams of Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao of China come to life as they won their gold medals. I couldn't help but cheer them on for both their 18 year partnership and their adorable love story.

{Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao}


expression of love {14}: a regretful heart

So, it's one of my favorite holidays ever, and sickness has overcome me. A day of anticipation turns into a day of thinking about the things I can't do. So with a regretful heart, I spent the day in bed. I'll have to wait yet another year to spend in bliss on Heart Day.


expression of love {12}: ordinary to the extraordinary

One thing I love doing on Valentine's is taking the ordinary to the extraordinary. Example: making a breakfast of oatmeal or pancakes, but coloring them pink or making them in heart shaped. So with a little food coloring and a cookie cutter or 2, this is a fun way my mom used to brighten our days with extra pizazz!


expression of love {10}: it doesn't have to be lovey dovey

Valentines Day doesn't have to be all lovey dovey and gushy. Even if there isn't a boyfriends or girlfriend, a husband or wife, you can still spend Valentines day with those you care about. Some of my happiest Valentines days have been spent with the girls goofing off, eating massive amounts of chocolate, and watching sappy movies.


expression of love {9}: classic story

This movie may be set hundreds of years ago, but the story of love will never be out dated. It has been told for years in different languages and different styles, but the story will remain unchanged in the beloved book. Whether you are a fan of the Colin Firth Mr. Darcy or the Matthew MacFadyen Mr. Darcy, it's a classic story {Pride and Prejudice} that gives hope that even though we may not be perfect, love still can be.


expression of love {8}: hot cocoa

Sometimes the simpler the better. On a windy wintry day, there can be nothing better then snuggling up on the couch with hot cocoa, a loved one, and a favorite movie.


expression of love {7}: hearts

Here is a fun little project I found on Martha, and it took me back a few years. This doesn't take a lot of work so it would be a fun project to do with the kids or with friends. I remember doing this as a little girl and can't wait to pass it on some day.

Materials needed:
:wax paper
:crayon shavings
:kraft paper
:string of thread

1. take a 12 inch by 16 inch piece of was paper and spread crayon shavings over one half
2. fold over and place between 2 sheets of kraft paper
3. iron lightly on medium heat or until the crayon shavings melt
4. let it cool while it hardens
5. trace out heart shapes of various sizes and cut with scissors
6. string each heart with string or thread and place in a sun lit area


For the past few months we {me and 2 of my girlfriends} have eagerly awaited the upcoming movie of Dear John. After reading the beloved book and sharing my feelings about it I can't help but share my reaction to the movie. I have to say, the Dear John movie wasn't really what I expected. It didn't follow the twists and turns of the book as I had hoped, but can anyone even think of a movie that lives up the book that inspired it? Still not sure how to react, but lets just say it stirred up some emotion in an unexpected way. Has anyone else seen it?


expression of love {6}: card inspiration

I don't know about you, but I love taking the time to make a personalized card. Whether it's for Christmas, a thank you, or just a little note to say that I care, I love to make my own. Now, with school papers and tests, work, friends, and a variety of other tasks keeping me occupied I haven't gotten around to making mine for Valentine's Day yet. When I opened up my latest addition of Scrapbooks etc I just couldn't help but be inspired! Visiting their web page can also evoke new inspirational ideas and the ones I found certainly did, so I'm sharing them with you! {and by the way there are plenty more ideas, these were just a few of my favorites} Hope you love them as much as I do.


expression of love {5}: kick off your shoes

Sometimes kicking off you shoes and taking a walk on the beach is the best way to relax and unwind! Maybe this wouldn't be the best idea for those of us who are crazy enough to live in the bitterly cold Midwest, but it can be a good idea for later. Even taking a walk in the winter can get you away from the constant distractions of a busy life to focus on more important things....


expression of love {4}: the way to his heart

It's been said that a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and I believe it! Whether is't your dad, cousin, or boyfriend, making a savory dinner or a special dessert will earn points! I got the the idea of this recipe from Real Simple, but tweaked it a little. It looks like a fun twist on you traditional Valentine's Day dessert!

Chocolate Fondue
3/4 cup heavy whipping cream
1 pounds milk or dark chocolate {broken into pieces}

Suggested dippables:
-fresh strawberries
-store bought angle food cake {cut into 1-inch pieces}
-salted pretzels
-sliced bananas
-ripe fresh cut pineapple
-slices oranges

In a double boiler melt chocolate over low heat. Stir until chocolate is melted. Add cream and continue stirring. Transfer chocolate mixture to fondue bowl and serve immediately with treats for dipping. Enjoy!


expression of love {3}: history of

Before I go any further on this little journey to Valentine's Day, I thought it might be good to give a little history. While some may think of Valentine's Day as just a conspiracy created by greeting card companies and forests, back in the Roman times love matches were created in mid February. In the fifteenth century the Pope officially declared February 14th as Valentine's. Even though is has become a tad over commercialized, this special day is a fun day to spend with your loved one and relax in each other's company.


expression of love {2}: love song

Once in a while a song comes along that you will always remember and love. When you hear those notes strung to make that particular song it will make you smile from ear to ear. Even though I've probably played this song a hundred times I still I can never help but smile and this particular expression of endearment.

More Than Anyone
By Gavin DeGraw

You need a friend
I'll be around
don't let this end
before I see you again
what can I say to convince you
to change your mind?
I'm gunna love you more than anyone
I'm gunna hold you closer than before
and when I kiss your soul,
your body'll be free
I'll be free for you any time
I'm going to love you more than anyone

Look in my eyes, what do you see?
not just the colorlook inside of me
tell me all you need and i will try
I will try
I'm gunna love you more than anyone
I'm gunna hold you closer than before
and when I kiss your soul,
your body'll be free
I'll be free for you any time
I'm gunna love you more than anyone

Free for you, whenever you need
ee'll be free together baby
free together baby
I'm gunna love you more than anyone
I'm gunna hold you closer than before
and when I kiss your soul,
your body'll be free
I'll be free for you any time
I'm gunna love you more than anyone
I'm gunna hold you closer than before


expression of love {1}: a cozy movie

I can't believe that we've already entered the wonderful month of February. This month brings many things: the end of January {which here in Midwest can be a little chilly}, Valentine's Day {one of my favorite holidays}, the hope of spring, the closer approaching excitement of Tour Choir and many other splendid events.

Now that we're entered the month of February I thought I would set a little inspiration to the page with ideas for Valentine's day. I'm not into spending money on this holiday, it's just fun to spend an extra day with your loved one. With 14 more days till the splendid day, that gives me 14 opportunities to share expressions of LOVE, whether it's a song, an idea for a special date, a romantic movie, a lovely treat, or a special craft.

For my first Expression of Love I decided to share one of my favorite movies with you. It is filled with dedication, love, and sacrifice. Most people don't know that this is an all time favorite of mine {probably due to the fact that I cry like a baby when I watch it}. Liv Tyler, Bruce Willis, and Ben Affleck star in the fantastic but beautifully sad movie Armageddon.

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