challenging, but worth it

It's moments like these, when I love my job. Working with little ones may have it's challenging days, like today when I got spit up on about 15 times {all by the same little 3 month old cutie}, or a little 4 year old boy decides to dump 6 different boxes of toys all over the ground. But when you are greeted with the little arms that rap their way around your legs when walking through the door, or I hear "teacher! teacher!" from the other room, I can't help but think how much of a blessing the little ones in our lives are.


chicken pesto with walnuts and lemon zest

It is truly a delight to step into the kitchen, and turn a few simple ingredients into a fabulous meal. I find myself eager to spend some extra time with my pots and pans when I've had an 'out of control' day or a 'too much to handle' week. Once again inspired by Real Simple, I found myself creating one of their inspirations with a few alterations of my own {I never follow a recipe exactly}.

garlic cloves
baby spinach
olive oil
grated parmesan cheese
salt and fresh & pepper
grated lemon zest

:cook the pasta, drain, and return it to the pot
:in food processor, pulse walnuts & garlic
:add spinach, oil, half of the parmesan, salt & pepper until smooth
:cook chicken and cut into small strips
:add pesto and chicken to pasta & toss together
:sprinkle with lemon zest and remaining parmesan


new favorite flats

Strolling thought the rows and rows of shoes in Target on Sunday, I happened upon these adorable little flats. Seeing as I am on the tall side, I normally don't venture into heels too often for 2 reasons {1. I don't have the best balance and tend to trip often, heels not really helping and 2. I don't need to be any taller that I already am}. Sometimes when you aren't looking, a little treat will surprise you, on Sunday that came in the form of my new favorite shoes.


poor little lamb

So you might be wondering why I have a picture of this poor little puppy with {what the vets call it} an Elizabethan collar. Our dog Heidi had surgery last week, but due to her over active self, she pulled out a few of the sutures. She has to wear one of these little collars for the next 2 weeks {and she has already managed to pull it off 4 times}.

I would have rather just taken a picture of out sad little pup but alas, my mom objected. She responded in retaliation with informing me that if I looked like that, I would not really appreciate a picture displaying that. My Dad's response was typical male, informing the fact that dogs are not people and wouldn't know the difference {gotta love the male perspective}.

I feel bad for our little lamb, but that didn't stop us from laughing hysterically when my dog {not yet accustomed to her extended neck} proceeded to ram into every protruding objects in our house. So far she has swiped pictures off the fridge, hit numerous objects close the the floor, and hit many door frames while trying to exit through them. She is acting as though she is in on the joke, loving the extra attention.


art field trip {part 2}: sculpture garden

The second leg of our journey consisted of a toured visit around the sculpture garden which was a surprise in itself. I half expected a courtyard with marble sculptures displayed in it, but was surprised with the different expressions of art.

Our tour guide exposed us to 6 of the amazing pieces of artwork in the garden, and drew us into the land of creativity. The whole day was filled with so many expressions of art in a plethora of different ways.

art field trip {part 1}: minneapolis institute of arts

On Thursday, our college art class took a trip to the cities to experience the influence of art. We took a trip to the Russian Art Museum, but since there were not pictures aloud, I don't really have anything to show for it.

The next stop our class of of 9 + Prof Sullivan took, was a tour of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts exposing us to many variations of expressive art.

Each piece of art seemed to have it's own story. It is always amazing to me to see the different eras of art, and how they changed so explicitly over the years. I could have spent the whole day exploring the many rooms that were filled the the brim with expression. Next blog posting will be about the last leg of our trip.


the moments that make you smile

Many of you may know that I work with the little boppers at a gym. I've been taking a few snapshots to make a little collage for our walls and I snapped this adorable picture. He's a little cutie with baby rolls galore, and so photogenic. I have to say, I think this is one of my favorites.


flower power

Sorry for all the flower power lately, I just couldn't resists sharing these beauties! I took a gander at the tulips just outside my window this morning too see they had just popped! That's probably thanks the the drink of water they received by my mom's green thumb. I just can't get over how much joy spring has brought!


ironwomen tournament

This past Saturday consisted of a rugby tournament full of excitement and intrigue! My sister is a Rugby player for UWEC and they hosted an Iron Women tournament this weekend. They played 4 tiring games and came in 2nd place, losing only my 1 kick.

From 9 until 5 there was all sorts of girls on many different teams tackling, kicking and throwing each other to the ground.

Not only was there dozens of rugby games, but games, prizes, concessions, and amazing t-shirts {that my sister designed by the way} All in all it was a great way to spend my Saturday, chatting with some of the girls on my sister's team and cheering on with friends, {pretending we knew the rules and therefore knew what we were talking about, yeah, not so much}!

{and that's what happens when you don't wear a mouth guard, you get sandwiched between 2 girls, your lip splits open and bleeds, and you get to take a visit to the hospital}


now, I know

Last summer I made one of my favorite purchases I've ever done. I had been thinking it through and carefully looking at dozens of them in many different stores. I invested in a camera. To be exact it's a Canon Power Shot SX10 IS, and it became my little baby. Ever since them I have been joyfully snapping away moments of my life and loving every minute of it.

I always thought I had just picked up on this blissful hobby by maybe the influence of others, but now I know, I got it from my daddy! This weekend my dad got out his amazing film camera with it's numerous lenses and I was amazed. I remember various vacations or life moments were my dad would capture them on the "big expensive camera that we were never aloud to touch." {well that's what I thought as a kid, and now understand why he was so protective.}

It is special to share a love for something with your parents, that you both have in common and can discuss. After hearing the fun stories from my dad about the days of film cameras, I took the camera out for a little photo shoot displaying it in all it's glory.


blissful atmosphere

Blossom by blossom spring is appearing. There is nothing like taking an afternoon stroll down the street, seeing the many faces of the delightful daffodils. It's moments like these when all we can do is thank God for the blissful atmosphere that he has painted for us.


the many sides of my favorite {now 22 year old} sister

On August 24, many moons ago I was born to my parents and older sister Danielle, and forever ruined her life. Well, I'm sure that's what she used to think. She is not just my older sister by 28 months, but an incredible role model, crazy overachiever, and very protective sister.

Over the past 20 years or so she has been a roomie {even though we don't share a room per say, floorie just doesn't sound as good}, a travel partner, a girlfriend, the perfect person to vent to, a hyperactive little girl, my partner in crime, the bearer of good advice, a shoulder to cry on, and the best sister a girl could ask for. So in other words, I love you and HaPpY BirThDaY sis!!


real simple

{the front cover featured in the May issue}

So this afternoon, I was feelin a little blue because the volunteer program that I have been a part of for the last 10 weeks ended today. While making super, my dad brought in the mail that included some thing that would cheer me right up. I was delighted to see that my Real Simple magazine had arrived! One of my girlfriends, Jenny, used to let me take a peak at her magazine's while she lived here, and I must say I missed the splendid magazine. Now with my own subscription I can too enjoy the articles that range from: Dirty jobs made easy, to Problem-solving products from $5, to Happily ever after in 351 square feet.


a shower for the bride

This weekend, two of my girlfriends threw a lovely bridal shower for my friend Katie. With a "granny's gotta change" theme, we tried to update Katie with gifts for her new life with Ryan.

Memories from years past were resurrected and laughed over as we enjoyed cupcakes, chocolate strawberries, and fruit punch. The shower continued on after church with a visit to Texas Roadhouse, and a dip in the hot tub back at the hotel. It's hard to believe that in a few short weeks {Katie has the count down number to an exact} Katie and Ryan will be joined on their special day!!


take a load off

When life's getting a little crazy, or a day too stressful there are few things that can take the load off quite like Gilmore Girls. I have seen each episode a number of times, but even knowing many of the quick witty lines by heart doesn't seem to discourage numerous viewings.

If you are a fan, what's one of your favorite Gilmore moments, episodes or characters?


Easter weekend {part 1}: a day on the farm

Growing up in the city for most of my life, I never had much opportunity to run through a corn fields or ride a tractor. This weekend I had the chance to visit Noelle's uncle's farm. We climbed to the top of a silo {correction: I climbed to the top of a silo}, rode a tractor, posed with the rustic barn, and took in all the smells of a real working farm. {Can you tell that I don't get out to the country much!}

With a little editing I added some 1960's sepia tone to the photos....

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