12 by 2012

It seems that I have gotten myself into a inspiration/crafting rut as of late, and this looks like my one-way ticket right on out of it. The amazing Danni from Hello, Friend has come up with the idea to have 12 ambitious goals done by 2012. I saw this first posted on a friend's blog {Amanda} and knew it was for me. So come along and join with me, this sounds like the perfect adventure to finish out the year and get us all feeling better about our aspirations.

Here is my list of 12 by 2012:
 updated: 10-27-11

bold = finished
italicized = a work in progress

{1} scrapbook the 2-inch pile of pictures that are currently sitting on my deck {started on 10.27.11}
{2} complete at least 2 projects from my new favorite book: "One-Yard Wonders" by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins
{3} create some festive holiday cards
{4} save up money for the future, now that I have a steady job
{5} spend more quality time with my sisters {went out to eat with my older sis on 11.4.11 and had a shopping trip with my younger sis on 11.5.11}
{6} plan our trip to California {started making phone calls on 11.6.11 and I found some flights, all that's left to do is book them and plan out the details, booked the flights on 11.28.11}
{7} get back into my regular gym schedule {started back up on 11.2.11 and have continued till now}
{8} get my etsy shop up and running again {I've been on "vacation" for far too long}
{9} change up my hair stye {on 11.18.11}
{10} make a few of my Christmas gifts this year {bought some supplies for them but haven't completed them yet}
{11} buy a pair of dressy boots, I've been looking for months with no such luck {accomplished on 11.5.11, pictures will be coming soon}
{12} spend a little more time enjoying the pleasures in life {took day to relax and pamper myself on 11.4.11, seen here in this blog post}

I will also be taking pictures of each goal in progress and do a few blogs along the way to update on what's been going on. This way I will really be held accountable for these aspirations and more inspired to complete them!

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