my bucket list

I have thought about this list for quite a while, jotting random goals on scrap pieces of paper, or corners of school notes. Some of these are more like necessary parts of life {like having your heart broken or breaking a bone} while others are inspiring goals that i've only wished about doing {like traveling to Tahiti}. This is my ever changing bucket list that I've altered and added to from over the years, filled with both aspirations made as a kid and others made in the not too distant past.

attend the Olympics
go sky diving
travel to Italy
see Big Ben & Buckingham Palace in London England
graduate from Immanuel Lutheran College
make a difference in someone's life
join the peace corps
own a horse and know what it's like to be free
travel to Tahiti
fall in love and get my heart broken
be Amish for a day
attend a national gymnastics competition
become a lifeguard
go to all 50 states
ride a gondola in Venice
graduate from Globe University as a Medical Assistant
graduate from college with honors
travel to Germany
become a tutor
participate in the world's biggest water fight in Thailand {new year's festivities}
go bungee jumping
go on a cruise
complete a triathlon
not just learn how to, but become a surfer
make Tour Choir {4 blissful years}
see the wonders of Greece
go to Africa and make a difference
visit all 7 continents
have a blast at Disney World and Disney Land
find the love of my life
plan a splendid wedding
marry the love of my life
go horse back riding on the beach
create an etsy store
pack my bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary planned at all
explore the Louvre in Paris, France
save someone's life
be a bridesmaid
be a bride
break a bone in my body
be able to kick butt at pool
live in a foreign country
take a ride on a hot air balloon
be a vegetarian for a week
donate a body organ
go on a helicopter ride
marvel at the statue of liberty
witness a miracle
become a mom raise a healthy happy family

I can't wait to see this list grow and change over the next few years. I will continue to make updates as certain events in my life unfold and new aspirations arrive!

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