can't smile without you

so I'm not normally one for posting youtube videos on my blog, but this one made me laugh so hard I just had to show it. it's times like these when kids are the best part of your day. I hope I am blessed enough to have some home videos like these some day!!



the Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys, Academy Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Grammys all have something in common. they pay tribute with awards to those who have entertained us for the last year. they honor those who light up Broadway, fill our eyes with tears, dance their way around the screen, and make us laugh so hard out tummies hurt. tonight it's the Emmy's turn to fulfill dreams. one of my favorite shows is Glee, and they are up for a staggering 19 nominations. this musical sensation might be the surprising show to break records, or {due to the new nominees which doesn't always result in wins} they could be drenched in slushy, so to speak.

some of their nominations include:
outstanding comedy
outstanding make-up
best actor in a comedy {Matthew Morris as Will Schuester}
best actress in a comedy {Lea Michele as Rachel Berry}
outstanding cast for a comedy
outstanding supporting actor in a comedy {Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummed}
outstanding supporting actress in a comedy {Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester}
outstanding costumes

I'll also be watching for shows like House, Lost and Grey's, but Glee is probably the one I will be cheering for the most. what every happens, nominations are still an honor in themselves. one other thing I'll be watching: the outfits. we'll get to see the best and worst of hollywood in their dressed up apparel. can't wait to see what the trend will be for this year. who are you excited to watch? who are your favorites to win?


embracing it

fall is beginning to infiltrate our lives:
department stores are filling the windows, shelves, and racks with new fall outfits.
our nights are getting colder.
students are returning to their classrooms and back to the books.
halloween boutiques are starting to fill up, awaiting their avid shoppers.
apples are getting right for the picking.

today was a whirlwind of shopping/bridal shower/visiting with friends that I haven't see in quite a while {more on that latter}. a few hours before the shower consisted of a little trip to the 'great mall.' with the seasons changing, I figured it was time to do a little pre-fall shopping. while I may visited quite a few windows, I found what I was looking for in 2 of my favorite stores: GAP, H&M. Gap was where I made my first purchase and found this lovely vintage cardigan:
H&M was my second spender, and I found an assortment of layers to go along with my new cardigan. with emerald greens, vibrate blues and a variety of pre-existing scarfs I am ready to welcome fall in with open arms {just not quite yet, give us a few more weeks}. fall is going to be here soon, so why not enjoy it's upcoming arrival.



these days my shower has gotten a little more musical, my car rides have consisted of jam out sessions, a song always seems to be stuck in my head and they all have one thing in common: glee. when the season first started, I was reluctant to get attached, but I this one is a keeper. when they take classics like 'Hello Goodbye', 'Defying Gravity', and 'Don't Stop Believing' and turn them into an updated wonder, I can't help but get chills!! this show has dusted off my rusty vocal cords from my tour choir days, and given me a reason to sing all the time.


the big '20'

this year, I might need a few more helpers to assist me in blowing out my candles. I don't think little cupcake {hard as it might try} would be able to hold all of my candles. it's the big '20' this year and I've never felt so old. I have said this a few times {and some have laughed} but 20 always seemed so far off as a kid. yes, technically you are an adult at 18, but I never really pictured myself as an adult till I was 20, and here I am. man, how time flies!!


my enlightened sill

dear fresh flowers,

thank you so much for gracing me with your beautiful presence in my new aqua mason jar. you certainly know how to make your presence known. thank you for brightening my day u-top my now enlightened window sill!

your adoring fan


a stroll through the park

sometimes, something as simple as taking a stroll through the park can free a worried mind. heidi {our dog} accompanied me through the winding paths and our kitty {Jackson} followed in our wake. yes, our kitty. he often acts like a little puppy scampering behind us just waiting to see what we'll do next. what a character!
Even when I took a little break and sat on the wooden bench, Jackson followed my lead.
sometimes there are few words that express the beauty that you can stumble upon in unexpected places!


travel bug


it has been a luxury in my world as of late. yes, i did make a few trips over the summer, but I am getting the itch to spread my wings and travel. i want to travel to a foreign country and embrace their culture, their food, their way of life.

my travel fantasies {not in any specific order, by the way}:

{1} Rottendam, Netherlands: to attend the Gymnastics World Championships
{2} Ireland country side: to escape into the wonders of beauty
{3} Orlando, Florida: to explore the wonderful world of Harry Potter{4} Tahiti: to know, not just imagine, that the water is really that crystal clear blue{5} Bremen, Germany: to immerse myself in the culture
{6} Greece: to loose myself in the beauty{7} Prague, Czech Republic: to explore & because it come highly recommended from my sister{8} Brugges, Belgium: i want to have a real 'Belgium waffle' =)
{9} Bali, Indonesia: to marvel at life{10} Rome, Italy: to find myself


Bross takes the all-around

yesterday, every spare minute I could find was spent transfixed in front of the tv watching the Gymnastics Visa Championships. and let me tell you, I wasn't disappointed! this action filled event was not without it's surprises. one of my favorite gymnast {Bridget Sloan} was out of the all-around competition with a pectoral injury, but she still managed to fight her way through a beam performance {pictured below}:Alica Sacramone {pictured below} was also a top competitor for her power event, vault, and beam. she came back fro ma 2 year absence with all the power that she needed and more self confidence than ever.
the night ultimately belonged to Rebecca Bross, with Mattie Larson and Alexandra Raisman following in second and third. she not only won the all-around competitions, but bars, beam, and came in second for floor. she is the new girl to beat.I can't wait to hear which girls made it on the US team that will be traveling to the Netherlands in October. the count down begins....


here i go again

so, who out there is a gymnastics fan?? anyone? well, I am a die heart fan. I have been ever since I took my first gymnastics classes as a little girl. even though I might not be the most coordinated, I still love to follow gymnastics. you already know that I love the winter olympics, but once every four years the summer games take place and keeps me glued to the tv. the summer olympics have held me at bay ever since I first started watching them many moons ago.

now you might be wondering why I am talking about the summer olympics, well that's not till 2012. till then there are many other gymnastics competitions to keep me in love with the sport. this week is the visa championship held in hartford connecticut, and I can hardly wait.

some of the girls from the 2008 olympic team like Chellsie Memmel, Samantha Pezek, and Bridget Sloan, will be there along with some new but very promising faces like Rebecca Bross and Ivana Hong. so exciting!!


my latest additions

this is the story of my new dishes....

last weekend I went shopping with a friend {Carly} to pick out a few items for her new apartment. among the many aisles of bath towels and kitchen ware, I got inspired to do a little impromptu shopping myself. even though I am not on my way out of my parents house, I thought it might not hurt to take a little look at the kitchen dinnerware at my favorite store {can you guess by now....target}.

my eye caught upon an adorable set of dinner plates, cups, small plates, salad bowl, deep bowls, and adorable non-slip tray. I totally fell in love and checked the price. Everything in my favorite color pallet combination {turquoise and yellow} was on sale. I instantly collected a set of all that I wanted. a few others stole aways escaped from the shelves into my steadily heavier basket.

I now have 4 storage bins of delightful supplies for my future home. my thought is "if you have to buy these sort of things eventually, you might as well purchase them along the way. instead or flustering to get items for your new home at the last minute, get a few items at a time in advance. it will also be easier on the pocket book that all at once in the end." how do you feel? did you make all your purchases at once, or a few here and there along the way. I wonder how it has worked for you?


a few of my favorites about august

{1} the weather is warm and inviting
{2} fruit is abundant in both colors and flavors
{3} juicey popcicles are dripping down sticky little hands and arms
{4} pools are spilling over with happy little kids
{5} so many are out relaxing in the warm rays of sun
{6} it always seems to have a wedding or two in to
{7} flowers are in bloom and filling the air with their wonderful fragrance
{8} so many are traveling with their families to new unexplored places
{9} yard sales seem to be occupying every corner on the weekends
{10} parks are being explored
{11} relaxing under the stars is a must
{12} families gather to camp and roast marshmallows on the campfire
{13} farmer's markets are filled to the brim with fresh veggies and fruits
{14} even though it's a little premature, school supplies are being put on the shelves
{15} it's bursting with birthday's {including mine}
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