winter is here

the view from my bedroom window

You know winter is upon us when these things happen:

- Christmas lights are starting to paint the houses in our town {including ours}

- all I want to drink is hot tea, coffee, apple cider {anything warm}

- people are hurrying around getting Christmas presents

- thanksgiving ingredients are filling our fridges, freezers, and cupboards {all 20.86 lbs of our turkey had to be put outside cuz he won't fit in our freezer}

- most of us are bundling up in scarves, mittens and jackets

- the work *snow* is in the forecast

- Christmas music is on the radio

- my foundation color {classic ivory} is too dark and I have to switch to porcelain ivory, which is the lightest foundation in this particular line, how sad is that?

- Christmas movies are being played on tv {B and I watched some of Elf the other night}

- candles are lit all around me that smell of cinnamon, leaves, pumpkin, spices

- I can't wait to spend as much time as I can all bundles up with family and friends

- we are planning our holiday celebrations

- our cat and dog are adorably fighting over the 'dog' bed in front of the fireplace {ironically the kitty normally wins}

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