2012 rewind {part 1}

2012 was certainly a spectacular years. It's amazing how much has really changed in just 1 year.

January started off in a much better way than last year. Brian & I had been dating for 7 months now and our relationship was growing deeper. We enjoyed the mild weather of winter with record high temperature. I took one of the most dreaded tests and became a Certified Medical Assistant

In February we took our long planned trip to California {where I grew up, and where much of my family is from}. Brian surprised me with the ring of my dreams and turned our vacation into the trip that changed our lives forever.

March kicked off our wedding plans as we decided on what we wanted our special day to be like. We had a engagement photo shoot, I worked on a few wedding projects, found my wedding dress, and asked 5 of my girlfriends to be my bridesmaids. We also set the date of October 19, as the date that we would join together in marriage. We really did get a good jump start on our wedding plans.

The weather also sprang into action with some spiking temps and we all got an early taste of spring. Even though it was short lived, we got a little preview of summer and it seemed to recharge our batteries to power through the last cold months.

In April, we moved Brian into a new apartment, that would later become our apartment after we got married. It was such surreal experience to start planning on where we would spend the first few years of our married lives. 

May started the drought here on my blog. I really never thought that planning a wedding would be so time consuming, but I really should have known. After all who is the one who has been planning weddings in her head since she was a little girl, likes to be very organized, and has lots of determination when it comes to making our wedding a magical day...oh yeah that's me.

I did accomplish a few tasks including some DIY projects for our wedding and new apartment. With summer around the corner we also put the boat in the water and were able to once again enjoy the vastness of our lake. Amazing weather always brings out the creative side in me.

June set the summer in motion with being a counselor at a camp for under privileged kids, spending more time out in the sun, and revisiting the place where Brian & I met. Our relationship grew even more as we spent that weekend focusing on the relationship that the Lord has blessed us with.

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