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Choosing who I would ask to stand by our sides as Brian & I joined together in marriage was no easy task. It is safe to say that there were a few teary nights when I realized that having a dozen bridesmaids really wasn't that practical. I limited myself to 5 of my closest girl. Now that I was past the difficulties task of deciding, I was on to the enjoyment of asking them in a creative way. I took much inspiration from Bethany's 'be my maid?' boxes and did them in my own way with our colors. So thanks Bethany for the inspiration!

My supplies:
- 5 wooden boxes from any craft store like Micheals or JoAnn's
- paint to cover the wood feel in the color 'eggshell'
- paper in a variety of pinks, creams, and grays
- decorative ribbon in the same soft colors
- an afternoon of wedding shows like 'Say Yes to the Dress' on in the background

After a couple coats of the eggshell color + a few coats of clear varnish it was time to decorate the inside. I added a personal note for each of my 5 girls: my sister and secret keeper, my tree loving grade school buddie, my partner in crime, my sunshine supporter, and my new sister. I also added a note with details about the wedding, like the date, the location, our colors {displayed with buttons sewn onto each note}, and a list of the other lovely ladies.

I also added a few pictures for an overall feel of the wedding, so they would know what to expect, and also a picture of what I am hoping for in regards to the dresses. I also added a little delight for each of the girls in the form of chocolate m&ms in our colors. I want the girls to feel special and have a great time right along with Brian and I as we experience these special months of planning together. I finished off each box with a decorative accent ribbon to add a little touch of elegance.


This project did take a little longer then expected, but that was partially because there were 5 boxes to paint & fill, and 2 of them had to be shipped off hundreds of miles away. It was totally worth it, to give each girl a keep sake for being a bridesmaid and thank them for agreeing to stand by our sides.

This was my 1st wedding DIY project of many exciting adventures to come. Next on the list....save the dates!!

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  1. Emily, they look BEAUTIFUL! I love that you used buttons to show your wedding colors. And your inspiration photos are absolutely lovely...I have no doubt that your day is going to be gorgeous! :)

    So happy the box inspired you, and I love your spin on it! Can't wait to see the rest of the details of your day unfold! :)


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