sneak peak

Now that I got the jitters out, it's time to focus on the planning. It really is so much more overwhelming then I ever thought. Not overwhelming in a bad way, but more overwhelmingly amazing then I thought possible.

So many people have warned me that engagement can be a time of arguing and tempers rising. Even though I didn't think it possible, B and I have grown closer knowing that with ever decision we are closer to becoming husband and wife. For me planning a wedding is never a burden, but a privilage that I feel honored to be doing together with B.

Anyway, sorry for the overwhelming amount of mushy lovey-dovey talk as of late. I just can't seem to get around spilling out my feelings for everyone to read. I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at what we see our wedding to be like. We have decided on the color pallet of light dusty rose pink, cream/ivory, and soft gray. We are striving for a vintage, antique, classy look incorporating things like maps & books in to the decorations of the wedding.

The pictures that you see here are all taken from my new obsession. Yes, I broke down and got a pintest account. I have been wanting one for months but knew that once I opened that account, once I joined the montage of inspirational boards I would get totally engrossed and want to spend any free time I had looking up creative DIY projects.

I was proved correct, especially in the first few days, spending about 2 hours a day paging through the ideas that filled my mind with wonder. Who knew so much creativeness could be on one site! I guess I really didn't know what I was missing.

Here is a link to my new obsession.

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