2012 rewind {part 2}

In the month of July we took a family trip to Door County, and Brian & I spent some quality time with my parents, sister, and cousin. Also something started that I had been waiting 4 years for. The summer Olympics started off with a bang {on B's birthday, of all the crazy things} and I made Brian a traditional British meal with bangers & mash and even a red velvet British Union Jack flag cake.

In August my computer was struck by lightning {we think} and I lost it. It was a sad day to say the least. It was a sad period of no blogging, and while I probably could have found a way to post it was such a crazy month and there really wasn't time. We packed lost into August including a trip to the Minnesota Fair, a surprise Birthday party for B, and some quality time with the boat.

September was filled with everything wedding. I'm still disappointing in myself that I didn't put up more Bridal DIY posts, but when I had free time, I was pretty much always working on our wedding decorations, music, ceremony bulletins, menus, DIY projects, ceremony decor, and all those little details that make a a wedding day possible.

I was back to blogging at last. October had finally come and I was done with my job at Marshfield Clinic, the wedding was less than 3 weeks away, our family was coming to town in 2 weeks, and my days were filled with all day wedding projects. And I mean all day. When Brian and I would talk at the end of the day and he would ask me what I did that day, it was pretty much the same answer of 12-14 hours of wedding projects. I really did underestimate that planning a wedding really was such a labor of love.

The 19th day of October came and we were married on a crisp fall day. The colors were perfect, our family & friends were there, and we couldn't have asked for a better day. We jetted off to our Mexico honeymoon {courtesy of our Grandparents} a few days later and de-stressed from all of the commotion.

I look back on November and think of me as a busy house wife. I moved in the remainder of my belongings and spent days finding a place for and organizing all of our wedding gifts. Our place was a mess for days on end, but it finally got to a place where it feels like home. We also picked out our 1st Christmas tree, and while our decorations are still limited, I had a splendid time decorating our 700 square feet of apartment.

Finally we had some snow in December, and it came all at once. All 11+ inches of it! We had a lovely Christmas season with our families and finished out the year celebrating with friends.

And that about sums up my year of 2012. I'm so excited to see what is in store for us in the new 2013 year!

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