1st week

{as you can tell, they didn't include my last name partially because its safer that way,
and secondly I don't think it would have fit on my new name badge}

On Monday I not only woke up with my husband at 5:30 and made his lunch, but also made a lunch for me and my day.

I slipped into my all-to-familiar scrubs and headed off on my 1st day of my new job. I am now the newest CMA {Certified Medical Assistant} in the Surgical Consultants Department. It's about a 40 minute drive, which would seem like a lifetime where I used to live, but here in the cities, that is a normal commute.

I think if you would have asked me at the end of each day, how my day went, I would have given you a different answer every night. It's been a roller coaster of a week between welling up with tears as a rude lady over the phone basically told me I was a bother, to feeling like I was truly part of a team that needed me, to laughing so hard as one of my coworkers said something so funny and I almost pee my pants.

While starting new jobs is totally intimidating, challenging, daunting, tiring {and another 10 adjectives}  I couldn't be working with nicer people!

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