our adventurous trip

Lately our engagement has seemed to take the spot light, and the rest of our trip to California hasn't been touched on. I am at to blame, but can you blame me for wanting to plan a wedding?

I did take quite a few pictures of the always wonderful bay area that was {and still is} my home sweet home. When we started off the trip, I thought it would be a little overwhelming for my {at the time} boyfriend, but little did I know that he would soon be overwhelming me {in good way of course}! From day 1 he has never ceased to surprise me with his quest for adventure and this trip was no different. We saw everything we could fit into a 5 1/2 day trip.

We explored the vividly colored streets of San Francisco and marveled at the view of the city. We soaked up the warm weather in the silicon valley.

We dipped our very sun deprived feet into the bitter cold ocean waves. I showed B my old house where I spend the first 12 years of my life, with a wild imagination lighting up my vivid walls.

We wondered at the Stanford chapel {where much to my dismay, no pictures were aloud to be taken}.

I introduced B to more people then I can count {well that may be an exaggeration, but it was quite a few} and not only as my boyfriend, but now as my fiance.

We tasted the difference between Mid-west seafood and West-coast seafood. We were awestruck by the vast amount of expensive boats in the San Francisco marina.

We spent the day in Monterey with some of my closest friends, and saw the wonders stretch out before us.

We walked the street near Pier 39 and saw the the elephant seals basking in the sun.

Even two weeks later, I can still imagine the ocean mist on my face from the tremendous waves crashing just feet away from our waiting toes.

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