our apartment: before & after

I still can't believe that I am showing you our messy place, but this was how it really was. Yes sad to admit it, but it was. Our place was totally disaster with me still moving in, boxes piled higher than the couch, organization got awry, wedding gifts everywhere....

With a little elbow greasy and many hours organizing, I got this place in shape and finally made it the 1st home I have always wished for. Instead of cluttered, disorganized, and overwhelming we now have orderly, decorated with our wedding gifts, styled with a few new decor additions, and a relaxing place to unwind and relax.

I was able to organize my desk into a work place for me to accomplish my creative-type tasks. We hung our wedding guest book picture frame along with embroidery hoops filled with fabric that matches our bed quilt {graciously made by B's mom}. We got a few cozy decorations to make our place feel more cozy. Holiday decorations filled our apartment during our 1st holidays as a married couple.

Every day married life feels better & better, our relations grows stronger with each struggle & celebration, and the love for my husband grows more & more.

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