marriage update: 3 months

What I have learned in our first 3 months of marriage:

#1 Meshing our lives as a married couple can be challenging but rewarding.
Brian and I have each been independent on how we go about our normal routine, for example, making tasty dishes, doing laundry, or grocery shopping. We are still learning on how to not sweat the small stuff or accidentally push each others buttons.

After all, we have both been living separate lives for years and have gotten on just fine. It's not that either of our ways is superior, we just have to meld our ways into one that works best for the both of us.

#2 Even when you are upset/angry/frustrated hug it out.
How can you be upset when you have your best friend's arms around you. When you have the love of your life's arms around, you can't help but melt into their arms and forget whatever it was you were pointlessly arguing about.

#3 Men & women refer to the same things in 2 very different ways.
The other day I was crossing things off my grocery list and light bulbs was the next item to find. I didn't even make it into the isle {that's how intimidated I was by the sheer mass of choices} and I just thought to myself, that will be a task for my hubby.

We were at target yesterday and heading over to the light bulb isle and was explaining how I was previously intimidated by the amount of choices. I described the types not by the voltage or color but by the two options in my head: the circle one or the spinney twirly one.

#4 Life now involves 2 people.
That may involve B waiting just a few extra minutes longer for me to get ready, or me planning out the meals for the week so we don't have to run to the store every day. Our lives don't just exist together, now our lives revolve around each other.

#5 Honesty is the best policy.
We tend to be very honest with each other. It took a few weeks, but we realized that there is no reason to keep anything from each other, no matter what it is. Whether is't something as small as how your day really was {not just the sugar coated version} to keeping our bank accounts in check, honesty is really the only way in a marriage.

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