For some reason sharing pictures of our new apartment feels just about as personal as it gets on my blog. This is our world that only Brian and I know, but now I am sharing it with you. Week by week, we add our own personal touches to our new place and it feels more like home with each visit. It's been almost a month now, and it's surprising how so much things can change it such a small time frame.

There are so many aspects to this apartment that we fell in love with. First off the view. Pretty breath taking. We enjoyed a fresh snack on Sunday {B's homemade salsa}.

Our couch is finally here! It is the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on {of I really should say reclined on}. You really must try it out.

 Our 2 butt kitchen, good thing we don't have a personal bubble problem because while this kitchen has a plethora of storage it can be a little narrow for those who are used to cooking by ourselves. 

Just look at those hardwood floors, aren't they amazing! We think so.

The kitchen table & chairs that we put together on a Sunday afternoon.

This beauty arrived with the couch and Brian can finally get the support needed from a real bed, not the floor.

Can you tell I love to add flowers to bring spring in doors? Daises really are the more cheery flower.


Here is the out door patio down by the lake where B and I frequently come to grill out.

 B's boat will soon be in the water and we are jumping at the opportunity to cruise around on the open waters.

The view of our porch from the docks. Brian is going to love seeing the boat from our windows.

Simple breath taking, and it's even better in person. I am so bias but don't care in the slightest.

Disclaimer, just so we are clear: I am not living there yet, not till after we get married but it is still our place.

It is our place and each week I seem to add a few more of my belongings to make the transitions nice and smooth. I told Brian from early on that I don't want to have a weekend of 'Emily Invasion' right before we get married, so this is a lovely transition through the months of our engagement, one weekend at a time.


  1. You guys make me smile! So happy for you two, so compliment each other perfectly! Will you guys be at Arise and Shine again?

  2. Thanks Jen, you are so sweet! Oh we certainly will be at Arise and Shine! How could we miss that after last year? ;) I hope you will be there too!

  3. Beautiful, that lake looks familiar, maybe we are neighbors?

  4. Your place looks great! Love it, Emily! :)


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