apartment accessorizing: lighting

I wrote them down, mapped them out and was off. I was on a quest for apartment accessories, particularly lighting, nightstand tables, or an entryway table for the apartment. I had almost given up hope after 1/2 a dozen thrift sales with no new items in tow. I was moments away from throwing in the towel when I spotted it.

A thrift sale with about 8 different lamps, from floor lamps taller then me, to an almost matching set of white lamps that were screaming 'Emily take me!' I noticed that they would need a little work, but I would much rather add my own stamps to them. I love taking something worn down and making it new, so that's what I did all afternoon. A few yards of fabric, my trusty glue gun, a can of ivory spray paint and with lots of patience I set off to make these lamps a little more apartment ready.


 They started like this with their white pain chipping away and covered in a light layer of dust from the months of neglect. After a good cleaning and a few coats of paint they looked brand spanking new again and ready for some stylish lampshades that would match our apartment. The color of our walls in the family room is a very light sea foamy blue, and that goes perfectly with our brown coach. The whole color scheme of our kitchen/family room is sea blue, tan & brown. The color scheme of our bathroom/bedroom is cranberry, tan, cream & brown.

So when it came time to pick out the fabric I knew exactly what I was looking for. You can probably guess which two lamps will be in the family room and which one in the bedroom. These will add a nice touch of color and help to incorporate our themes while doing their real purpose, adding light to our rooms.

I have a few yards of extra fabric and have some ideas in my head about how to use them but I could use a few suggestions. One of the first things people might think of is pillows, but seeing as I just bought a few of those to make resting on the couch a little more comfy I want to use it else ware. I plan to make some wall art with the fabric, but I'm looking for a few other ideas.

Any suggestions? How would you use the extra fabric in your family room/bedroom?

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