When I first heard of sushi {back in California when I was still a little girl} I was instantly grossed out, to say the least. I never gave it even the smallest chance of being good. This all changed when a close friend informed me that not all kinds of sushi have large chunks of raw fish on it. There are so many variations, my favorite being the California and Philadelphia rolls {I haven't tried to many other kinds}. With some soy sauce and a spoon full of wasabi this is quickly becoming one of my favorite dishes.

Just a little tip, don't attempt to drink a Vente coffee and follow it with an assortment of sushi. I learned the hard way that even though they may be 2 of favorite things, don't think that you have an iron stomach. It wasn't so pretty.

Anyway, This has been a staple theme in my cuisine for the past few weeks, but I am anxious to branch out a little. I would love to try some new types and am thinking about buying the tools to make it. Have any of you ever tried to make sushi? I can't wait to give it a go.

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