30 day blogging venture: Day 2

Day 2: a photo of something you ate today

Now while I don't have an actual picture of the food that I ate this afternoon {because I was without my camera} I do have a picture of the sauce that I ate. A few girlfriends {from school} and I had a nice little late lunch in between classes this afternoon. I was craving boneless wings and so excited to eat at one or my favorite restaurants.
I tend to venture into the spice sauces but have never gone past the caribbean jerk sauce {it's the one with the arrow on the right side}. Today I kept it on the mild side with some spicy garlic/parmesan garlic sauces. Maybe with a little persuasion I will venture even farther over onto the wild side!

Due to a little hic-cup with the blogging system shutting down last night this post went up a little later than expected, but in the blogging world it's about going with the flow, right?

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