30 day blogging venture: Day 15

Day 15: something you don’t leave the house without
If there are 2 things that I never leave the house without it would be #1 a spray of two of my favorite perfume or body sprays. I have quite a few to choose from and each seems to have it's own memories and moods. I use different sprays for not only the different seasons of the year but according to how I feel that day.

My #2 thing that I never leave the house without is one of my favorite possessions, my favorite ring. It's my class ring that I got in high school, but it's not your average class ring. It is made of white gold with a light blue stone surrounded by cubic zirconium. It is engraved with 'Immanuel' on one side and '2008' on the other. I never let it out of my sight!

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