fill in the blank friday #5

1. If I had to use 3 words to describe why I am undoubtedly a....Ryan....they would be....compassionate, adventurous, and a little crazy.

2. Something that happened to me in life that initially seemed bad but turned out to be good was....when my mom got very sick and was in the hospital for 2 weeks. It made my never take life for granted and also made me want to go into the medical field.

3. Something I inherited from my mom is....her organization.

Something I inherited from my dad is....his very protective nature.

5. My goal for this summer is
....to get in shape, travel as much as possible, take a risk and let my guard down.

6. The best thing about this week is....getting to see so many of my friends!!

7. Something I couldn't give up if I tried is....I'm going to be shallow and say chocolate because I just have some and it was soo amazingly splendid.

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