30 day blogging venture: Day 6

Day 6: a photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a petEver since I was a little girl I always wanted a horse. Now I know it seems like every little girl wanted a horse/pony but I wanted it more than anything I could think of. I saved up my money, I read every book I could find on horses, I looked into places to board my horse, I thought up names, and even estimated how much it would cost to buy, feed, and house my horse. I went to horse camps, read fictional horse book, took riding lessons, and pretended to gallop around on them when I was getting from place to place.
It wasn't until I was older that my dreams were crushed and I realized that it would take a rather larger income, than my allowance, to keep my horse healthy and happy. My ultimate dream is to own a horse one day, but that dream is far into the future. I don't think there could ever be a pet that I have wanted more.

p.s. pictures from weheartit.com

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