new friday post project

1. The best prank I ever pulled was....putting inadament objects in my sister's bed? Does that count? Not a big prankster if you couldn't tell.

2. The best prank ever pulled on me was....when my mom told me some news about a close friend being pregnant and I had a total jump-up-and-down freak out in the middle of a department store.

3. A day without....laughter....is a day wasted.

4. The most important things in life are....faith, family, and friends.

5. I dream of....having a family someday, with kids and a yellow house that.

6. I dread....the dark, and I know it sound 'little-kidish' but I am not a fan of the dark.

7. A discovery I made this week was....the sun in Mexico really is worse that the sun here. I am still recovering from an all over sun burn that I got last Saturday.

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