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So if you didn't see these yesterday in my ten on ten, I have a few new additions to my room. Last year I spent a little too much on an adorable flower pot for my room, but this year I went the more thrifty/crafty way. I saw this idea in a magazine and instantly fell in love with the idea.

I collected 3 cans from a soup that I was making, took off the labels, and soaked them in water to get the excess glue off them from the paper. It doesn't really matter which kinds, I just chose some that were easy to wash out {meaning I decided to avoid them smelly dog food cans}. I wrapped them in some decorative paper, tied some ribbon around them and filled them with potting soil.

Now I never knew this but my mom told me that you should never bring outside dirt into the house, and while that may be common knowledge to some people I didn't know. So I picked out some organic potting soil and two packages of seeds: watermelon heaven california poppies and blue bird forget-me-nots. I can't wait to watch them bud and thrive on top of my sun filled desk. I will do periodic updates so we can watch them grow together!

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  1. this is such a good idea! i will be trying this asap!
    i am always trying to find thrifty/crafty ways of bringing color into our apartment.
    love you blog. i just found it.
    new follower..



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