flowering update

So a few weeks ago I promised an update on my new little additions and here they are. This was taken last week on day 12, so they have grown a little since then, but no blossoms have been spotted yet.I decided the start small and early this year due to the random winter type storms we have been getting here. My mom is practically chomping at the bit to get out in her garden, and while I don't have as big of a 'green thumb' as she does I certainly enjoy the growth of spring.

Ever since we moved here {almost 10 years ago}, my mom has been working hard in our backyard. It used to be a jumble of weeds, over-sized bushes, and a very neglected pathway that since over grew into a twisted mess. A few years into us living here we gave our house a much needed makeover that took about a year to complete. We redid the kitchen, family room, painted, added a new roof, redid the siding, and last of all recreated the backyard. It was a long but extremely rewarding process and we have been left with a backyard ready for volleyball, basketball, sun bathing, relaxing in the shade, admiring the flowers and so on.

It can't seem to wait till our atmosphere really kicks into spring and we can started nurturing those flowers. I always do my own little herbal garden and who known maybe we'll try a few new edible plants this year.

How about you, what do you garden?


  1. Ohh it makes me miss the days when I grew little plants on the window sill. I would obsessively check them every day to see how much more they had grown. My favorite was when I grew a miniature sunflower. It was about a foot tall and so adorable!

  2. I remember how much of a mess your yard was until mama Ryan went out there and tackled it. Maybe the green thumb has been passed on to you.

    I've still gotta plant my outdoor herb garden. If only the weather here would cooperate! Seriously, don't think I can take this cold weather much longer.

    I saw some fabric flower pots on pinterest that you would love! http://pinterest.com/pin/16021709/


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