colors of spring

So ladies, with the new spring weather comes a new outfit, don't you think??

While my wallet didn't like the weight lifted from it, my closet welcomed a few new spring pieces and I justified it by getting pieces on sale. The first stop I made was to the store Vanity and there I picked up this adorable Rosette Pearl Trim Tank-Top and a few lace cinch tube-tops {perfect for fitting under shirts where you don't want those pesky straps showing}. I also picked up a new pair of sunglasses, and some other spring accessories.
There are a few pieces I have been looking for and hope to find with all the new spring lines out. For one, I am on the lookout for some brown springy ballet flats, something like the styles below. I have searched through a few stores, but haven't found the perfect ones yet. Have any suggestions?

And I'm always on the lookout for casual spring dresses. This season I can't seem get enough of the amazing coral, turquoise, and yellow colors. Whether it's accessories, make-up or pretty little dresses, I have been drawn to those refreshing colors. These dresses are from the lovely ModCloth website.

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