1. She's by big sister and today is her 23rd birthday
2. She plays rugby
3. Her favorite color is green
4. She analyzes everything
5. She's a crazy overachiever
6. Her birthday date was predicted by my Grandpa Ryan weeks before she was even born
7. She is an amazing person to vent to
8. She has great taste in music
9. She loves bacon
10. We are pretty much opposites in personality
11. She knowns how to cheer me up even on my darkest days
12. <-- that's her favorite number
13. She gets really crazy at night
14. Caffeine is a necessity in her life
15. I can't even count the number of books in her room
16. We are 28 months apart
17. She hates it when I 'hover'
18. She can speak and write Elvish
19. She marches to her own drum
20. She has an adorable little kitty named Jackson
21. If she chooses to have kids, she will make an amazing mom
22. Without her, I would be a very different person
23. She's the best sister a girl could ask for!


  1. what a great tribute to your sister!

  2. She's the best isn't she?! Love this Danielle post!


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