ten on ten {april}

The 10th is here again, and with it's warm weather and flower buds. The theme for this month's ten on ten seems to be growth, which makes sense since the flowers around here are trying to bud even though it's still a little early yet. It was a total flip-flop/tank-top sort of day and it was my first day in these shoes. If you didn't guess already, they are one of my many pairs from old navy!
I spent a few hours today at our local Sport Center at a kids fair where many different companies promotted their kids programs/school/activities.... I was there for my work and it was pretty fun. A little crazy with all the people packed in, but you could tell the kids were having a blast. These are the newest additions to my room, but I'll do a whole post on them tomorrow. Yes that says 70 degrees, but ti was even higher in the earlier hours of the morning. I just love spring!


  1. Love the flip flops with a few straggler leaves....

  2. Thanks ladies! I am so overjoyed to be in flip-flops again.

    I grew up right outside of San Francisco and still consider it home! It's nice to have a place to visit filled with family and friends!

  3. Is that snow? I love it, new spring growth, flip flops and snow. Hello Spring.


  4. That snow line at the end is really crazy...I am now craving raisin bread.


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