my last 1st day of school

Yesterday was a historical day in my academic life. It was the last 1st day of school that I will ever have. Call me crazy if you you wish, but I always enjoy the 1st day of school with all the new books, a clean slate of grades, and reading over all the schedules for the classes to come. I'm sure some of you out there can agree with me on this strange satisfaction.

If you didn't know I am attending Globe University to become a Medical Assistant and after this quarter I will be done with my schooling and so excited to move on to my clinical internship. Wow, done with school, it sounds so good to say that! I'll be putting the things I have learned from my associate degree to use in a clinical setting. I am both scared out of my mind and so excited I almost want to jump up and down.

So in celebration of our family all being back under one roof and back in school my lil sis, mom and I pulled our talent together and made some homemade pizza. We got the crust recipe from our Chicago deep dish pizza book and after a few hours had some pretty amazing pizza. Next time we will know better about it taking 2 hours of separate rise time, and we'll start the preparation a little sooner. Hope you all are having a fabulous week so far!

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