yes, it's time for....

- taking a day trip to the beach
- fruity popsicles on hot humid summer days
- watching the colorful flowers poke up through the dirt {I have a great picture of that that I'll be taking tomorrow for my ten on ten}
- taking long bike rides to different destinations around town
- running through the sprinklers like a little kid
- seeing all the magnificent colors fill the world around us
- making pitchers of lemonade and sitting out on the porch basking in the sun
- waking up to the chirping of birds
- suntanning in the warm rays of golden sun
- don't you just love summer


  1. Yay I love summer!!! Although our spring hasn't even barely begun to show itself.

    PS - did you take that picture of the creamsicles? I love the colors, it's an awesome pic.

  2. I love summer--but I'm really truly looking forward spring this year. I can't wait for new flowers and new spring outfits. :)

  3. I can't wait for summer -- and those popsicles look amazingggg!



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