ten on ten {march}

So I can't believe that March 10th has already come and gone! Sorry it's a few days late, it's been topsy-turvey-crazy around here. While it might be a little depressing that spring is just 10 days away and our city is still covered in snow, we can still embrace all of our wonderful blessings, like spending some time with an adorable little girl, who is almost 2! She certainly has grown from the last time I blogged about her.
Fresh strawberries and starbucks for breakfast, does it get any better?For lunch I enjoyed a black bean, turkey, wrap filled with peppers, salsa, and cucumbers. Found the idea in a magazine and added it to my cookbook, which has been steadily growing.I have been busy creating in the kitchen this week, and Thursday was no different, so this ten on ten has a theme of the foods I've been creating. That we had Chicken Marengo in a red white sauce with....
whole wheat bow tie pasta....
and steamed broccoli.

Not the best shot, but this is Jackson's new hobby: watching the toilet swirl around. I think my sister and I wasted a few gallons of water entertaining him last night.

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