A Book Of Inspiration

You know those recipes you find in magazines or on the backs of cereal boxes that look so good, but you never have a place to put them? Do jumbles of cluttersom recipes build up in random places over time, and you just don't know what to do? I have that problem {if you couldn't tell} so decided to turn that clutter into an accessible book. I got these blissful idea from a friend, and went from there. I titled it, 'A Book of Inspiration.'
First I found a journal with lined paper, that's larger that the average size. I numbered all the pages and made a table of contents. Each page has a title in the table on contents so I can access the recipes faster and more efficiently. It's a great way to store those miscellaneous recipes, and you can add your own little notes and suggestions once you experiment with them. It's a personalized cook book that's filled with only recipes that you would enjoy, and it's a way to stay organized! Has anyone done something similar?

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