mexico madness: part II

It's the second post day of my Mexico madness adventure and I have so many more pictures to share with you. Our adventures started on the first day where we took a trip to the 'market' as my grandma called it. When she said market, I was think of some sort of really busy outdoor market filled with Mexican food and people running around everywhere. Little did I know that the market was in fact like a large Mexican walmart, but filled with cheaper amazing food.
Now this may seem a little dramatic, but when we finished making the rounds in the fresh fruit section, which was more that I could have hoped we headed over to the bakery section. When I saw what is in the picture below, I freaked out right there in the isle. If you know me at all I'm sure you could have imagined one of my 'freak-outs'.
When I was in grade school and we used to like in California, my mom would take me to the farmers markets. We would pick out the most amazing fruits and my mom would let me and my sister pick out some sort of baked good. About 9/10 times I would pick out one of these rolls with this white sort of powdery frosting on top. Ever since we moved to Wisconsin I have never seen them again, till last week so I had to snap a picture!! Anyway, their bakery was certainly something to marvel at, while their meat department was not so desirable. Open bins of raw meat= not really my fancy! Ew!
That night we went to a Mexican Lua which included an authentic Mexican buffet {with amazing desserts}, dancers, and other forms of entertainment. Just a disclaimer, the lighting was a little bit of a challenge that night which made taking pictures a little challenging.The next day we went on a bus tour around the city of Mazatlan and got to see so many amazing sites. We saw cliff divers, a military truck filled with scary men with guys and a tractor in the same shot, an amazing catholic church with the largest chandelier in Mexico, and an amazing restaurant with fabulous fish tacos and pina coladas! On the second to last night we went to a highly suggested restaurants from one of my friends at school and we were not disappointed! The owner of this resturant is from the midwest and serves the best burgers. I got the guachamole burger and couldn't put it down! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.
The last few days of our vacation included many hours of relaxing by the pool, taking a dip in the ocean, painting some clay items by the pool, reading under the palm trees, getting a little pinker that we hoped, and seeing one of my best friends during our 6 hour layover in LA!My sister and I had such an amazing week and can't thank our grandparents enough for the fabulous week in the sun!

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