1st day of spring

The day has finally come, the first day of spring and I spent my day packing for my trip. Even if I would have had time to spend this day out doors I would have gotten soaked due the the down poor of rain that has left us a ll a little soggy. My departure day is getting closer and closer and I couldn't be more excited. Well, maybe if I didn't have finals still looming over my head, things might be a little more hopeful, but that will be over soon and paradise will be in my grasp.

Above is a picture of one of my infamous lists, if you know me at all you know that I am a planner. I am a list girl who loves to have things organized.

On trips like these I always seem to pack too many clothes, but I have planned out all my outfits on paper, so I hope that I have just the fight amount. It always seems to happen that you get there and there is just a few things you wished you would have packed, but I am all about going with the flow when I am on a vacation were I can sit by the beach all day. I will make sure to take tons of pictures to bring back with me, and a little something for the winner of my vacation giveaway. If this is the last post before I leave I hope you all have a wonderful week and enjoy the first week of spring!!

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