mexico madness: part I

I'm back!! Yey! My sister and I had such an amazing time in Mexico over the past week, but I really missed you all. I missed seeing what everyone else is up to in the blogging world, and I really missed putting up posts. Sometimes the blogging world can get a little overwhelming with all the different posts that need to be done {like this week for instance} but I really missed the daily updates from all the other blogs that I follow and putting up posts of my own.

There are so many different pictures that I want to share with you, but I have to narrow it down from the 270+ pictures that I took. I will be sharing my pictures in 2 parts. The first one as you can probably see from below will be all about the location where we stayed and the atmosphere that we soaked up over the past week, and part 2 will be about the adventures that we took. Just a warning in advance, these will probably be pretty long posts, but I have had a lot of people wanting to see them so I'll try by best!

Our first 'classy' airplane shots {looking extremely pale} and our first peak at Mexico!These are a few of my favorites of the resort and all it's beauty. You can't really get the full affect from behind the camera, but it comes pretty close.There aren't too many people pictures in this post becuase I am trying to give you a look at the resort, but here is the whole motley crew. There are my grandparents on my dad's side, me in the middle and my sister on the right!This was where we spent many of our hours, reading our books and relaxing in the sun!
The food there was even better than I remembered from being there 7 years ago. We had the best fresh fruits, like mango and cantaloupe, and the best authentic Mexican food like shrimp tacos, enchiladas, and guacamole nachos. I've only been back for a day and I already miss the food. I think I'll have to run down to our local Mexican food store and see that they have!
Tomorrow will be my post bursting with pictures of our adventures in Mazatlan!


  1. I'm just jealous you got a vacation! I have too much going on right now to take a trip. Glad you had fun. :)

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