my puppy for the day

Yesterday started off like any other day. I got up, went to work out at the gym, went home and showered, got some homework done, then back to the gym for work. It wasn't until after I finished my shift that my whole day changed. As I swung the garbage bag over my shoulder into the big garbage bin behind the gym, I turned around to see a little yellow lab puppy.

Yes, a little puppy!!

The cutest little puppy shivering, partly from the cold, and partly because his tail was wagging so profusely. In seconds I swept him up, wet + sandy paws and all. He instantly relaxed in my warm arms and I knew my previous plans that seemed so necessary flew out the window. I shut off my car and ran inside to collect myself, trying to think about what I should do. My first instinct was to bring him home and never let him go, but after some painful realization, a vision of little child flashed into my head. A little child who was crying about their lost little friend and I knew what I had to do.

After giving him some water and showing him to my co-workers I go some mixed advice from them. Some told me to call 9-1-1 and give him the police while others told me they waned to take him home. There was no way I was going to just let him go with a police officer or random stranger, so what do I do? What does any adult do when they can't think responsible? Well, maybe not anybody, but this girl called her parents.

They gave me the advise that I already knew was coming. I reluctantly got into the car and drove to the local human society, only a few miles up the road, but not without snapping a few dozen pictures on my phone. Even though the quality of the pictures isn't the best {because they were taken from my phone} you can still see how unbelievably cute he is!

The staff instantly fell in love with him just as I had done and I knew it was over. I signed a few papers and visited with a little girl about 4 years old {very similar the one I saw in the vision of the child crying} who wanted to pick out a kitty. I talked with some of the workers there and they assured me that if no body claimed him within 7 days he would become property of the animal shelter and would be open for adoption.

If that were to happen he would be snatched up quickly by a loving family and added to their lovely home. One of my coworkers named him "Golds", seeing as though I found him at Gold's Gym. I would have given him a better name, but there just wasn't enough time and I didn't want to become even more attached to him than I already was.

I said my last good-byes to my little puppy for the day and sadly walked out to my car. I kept trying to tell myself...
he will find a good home...
you only had him for a few hours...
you can't keep him...
but the tears began to run down my cheeks and I couldn't help it. As the tears hit my lap, I felt an absence where he had been sleeping only a few minutes earlier.

For a few short hours he was all mine, and all I can say is that I can't wait to have my own someday. A puppy that will be all mine and I will never have to let him go!

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  1. You mean Heidi didn't want a baby brother!? i know that had to be hard, Emily. I always had a hard time leaving pet adoption places without taking the little puppies with me. But when we finally got our own little baby girl and that void was filled, it's not so bad. One day... :)


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