the Oscars

After all the events that happened this weekend, it certainly lived up to how busy I thought it would be. It was filled with hugs and celebrations, cakes and dancing, laughter and reminiscing to the old days. It was so nice to catch up with friends and relax in good company.
On Sunday, us girls {including the cake I promised I'd show you} celebrated the Oscars together, giving our opinions on who had the best dresses/make-up or who should win certain awards. I thought about sharing some of my favorite fashions of the night, but we'll leave that up to Amanda, who brought over an Oscar Bingo activity that kept us all on our toes.
Just in case you were wondering, that table cloth under the Oscar Bingo is one of my latest purchases from the after V-day discount isle at my favorite store, Target. At an amazing bargain of $1.24, I also got an adorable stripped one. Can't wait for spring when I can pull that out! Anyway, Jenny brought a lovely array of veggies and Shannon brought some of her homemade eclairs. I forgot to snap a picture, but the food was delicious, and the company even better.

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  1. Bingo cards are amazing! I'm so glad we are in the blogging world, otherwise I would've never even heard about them. Thanks for the delicious cake (Jenny's little smirk in that picture) :)

    Did you watch Live from the Red Carpet today? It was just one more reason for me to love Reese and Mandy and Scarlett :)


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