winter wonderland

This is the type of weekend that you remember, because we had the type of snow storm that you never forget. While it wasn't the biggest snow storm I have experienced, it was the first storm of the season and the 1st of our married lives. We had no choice but to be hermits for the day, bundle up with a few tv episodes, enjoy a few football games, make Christmas cookies, and sip on our homemade chicken tortellini soup.

This is the snow storm that blocks out your windows with snow drifts. It's the day where your normal commute to work takes 1 1/2 hours instead of 40 minutes.

It's the type of day when you can't help but look outside every chance you get and be filled with Christmas joy.

It's the type of storm you take a ruler out to measure it. Well, I happened to remember that once I stepped into the snow drifts and didn't fancy traipsing back upstairs to measure it. I thought of another way to measure it by tracking the wet marks on my boots.

This is the type of storm that makes your go out and get a new shovel because they ice scraper for your car just won't cut it to dig your car out of the snow.

This is the type of weather that makes me thankful I live in a state with 4 ever changing seasons.

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  1. OH MY CRAP!!! That makes me cold just looking at it! I'm not a fan of being cold, but there's something so beautiful about the snow!!!


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