he calls himself "old"

 It was just 'a few years' ago today that my amazing man came into this world and made it a better place. For every year that he has graced this world with his presence I will share with you 1 reason why I love him.

He is the best protector a girl could ask for
He is so gentle and loving with his nieces, sometime I just sit back and watch, imagining him with our kids
He loves my family {and I adore his too}
He can talk to my Dad about electronics/machinery and do more that just smile and nod {which is sadly all I can do some days, my Dad is really smart}
He is patient with me even when I'm sure he wants to pull out his hair
He always takes care of me
We compromise very easily about many things and hardly ever argue
He has great taste in clothing and I never feel like I need to help him out when he picks out an outfit {he still does ask what I think though}
He has the best smile
He communicates with me what he is really thinking, I never have to dig it out of him
He gives the best comforting hugs
He talks about "our kids" as if I am already pregnant {while we aren't even married yet}
We have our 'Sunday night shows' like an old married couple
He calls me randomly throughout the day, to just say hi and see how my day is going
He is such asnuggler
He never thinks my dreams are silly and supports whatever I dream up
Even when he is most upset, it only takes a minute and you are back to his cheerful self
He really truly understands me
He knows that "I'm fine" really means "I'm not fine but I don't want to admit it"
He loves me even when I'm crabby and is one of the only ones who can cheer me up
Him and his family are the most welcoming people I've ever met
He always keeps me laughing at his silly ways
We are totally content to have our lazy days on the couch
He is the hardest worker I have every met {lately he's been working lots of 14 hours day}
He loves to be involved with the wedding, he's not just a sit back and watch type of groom
He is very flexible and open to trying new things
He is just as obsessed with snacking on goldfish as I am
He lets me be a little ocd about things and just laughs instead of making fun of me
He is never afraid to show how much he loves me in public
We love each other more than anything

If you counted all those up you get the number 30. That is how old my sweetie is turning today, and if you do the math you will see that we are 8 years a part, oh boy! I couldn't even imagine my life without this amazing man.


  1. This post reminds me of the song "God Gave Me You".. you both are so blessed to have each other!!

  2. Eli and I are also 8 years apart - nothing wrong with that if it's right for you! :)


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