what I'm lovin in may

Summer is the theme for this month. Even though it's not officially here, it sure feels like it and it shows in what I've loved this month!
Slatkin & Company Peach Bellini Candle
This candle is the perfect summer fragrance. I normally don't go for peach but the description {a light, delicate blend of white peach, sweet orange peel and yellow mandarin, finished with jasmine and sweet black currant } doesn't do it justice.

Powder Palette Multi-Colored Bronzer
This is my new favorite bronzer. Any sort of bronzers/blushes that have the multi-colored combination instantly grabs my interest. This also has a matte finish, so it's great for contouring the face.

Essie Nail Polish
I have heard some pretty positive comments about this particular nail polish but it wasn't until this month that I tried out my first bottle. I must say that I am a new fan. The color glided on like a dream with hardly and streaks, dried fast, and hasn't shipped yet.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
Let me just say that I love the smell of this stuff. I have bought a few bottles of this shampoo and I never get sick of the smell. This is the most gentle shampoo ever and it's perfect for cleaning make-up brushes as well.

American Idol
Yes, I have been rather addicted to this show this month. It had me hooked when they made the top 20. Thsi season seemed to be much better than last year, maybe it's because I had a little more time to watch it and not so worried about Medical Terminology or A & P classes.

Quaker Oatmeal Square Cereal
One of my all time favorites! I saw it at target and I just couldn't pass it up.

Country Music
Ever time the seasons change I seem to be listening to a different type of music. For my summer is the time for rolling down my windows and listening to country music.

Sunflower Seeds
Baseball season is in full swing {did you catch that pun} and that means sunflower seeds. There are so many different types, but for me I just prefer the original.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer
Now that summer it here I can't wait to get a little tan. This is the perfect lotion to jump start that tan and give you an extra little glow.

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